5 Top Tips For Decorating Your Home


When it comes to changing the decor in any room, it can feel daunting on where to start. Especially if you’re decorating the room/s by yourself. It’s always great to have starting points. Here are my 5 top tips for decorating your home, to help you get going.

5 Top Tips for decorating your home

Paint Samples

The first if my 5 Top Tips For Decorating Your Home is put a sample of paint on each wall you are thinking needs colour, or a new lease of life. Therefore this will enable you to get an idea on how that colour will look within the room.

Make sure the wall is neutral before painting a sample onto it, because other wise you won’t get a true representation. If this doesn’t work for you, try painting lining paper samples, and place those onto the wall/s instead.

Live with the samples for a week or two. Where you are then able to see how natural light and artificial light is cast onto the paint, throughout each day. Therefore giving an insight to whether the paint colour you have selected is too light, too dark or perfect for that wall space and room.

5 top tips for decorating your home

Wallpaper Samples

Similar to the paint samples, display wallpaper swatches on the walls you would like to have decorated. You need to see how the pattern/s you’ve chosen will look in the selected space.

As well as giving you an idea how the pattern’s scale plays compared to the size of the room. Which is an important decider when it comes to purchasing the right wallpaper.

A4 wallpaper samples are a good size to have displayed. And if you can, select an A3 sample where possible. These sizes will give you a better idea to the pattern itself, because you are able to see more of the scale and colours within the print.

By displaying wallpaper samples on the wall/s, will show you how natural and artificial light throughout the day falls onto the pattern and the paper. Ask yourself is the wallpaper pattern right for the room’s environment? What mood are you looking to create within the room?

5 top tips for decorating your home

Mood Boards or Pinterest Boards.

Create a mood board, and/or a Pinterest Board where you can put all your ideas for decorating your chosen room, in one place. Furthermore, select all of your chosen wallpaper and fabric swatches, paint samples, lighting, and additional home accessories. 

Here you can then visually begin to see what style you are hoping achieve. You are able to get an idea what products may be perfect for the room, and which ones may not.

If your creating a physical mood and ideas board, it’s great to try and create your room’s structure. I.e. Going on where each wall is, fill the board with your ideas, as you would like to see it when you walk in to the room.

(Make sure you view and follow the Laura Felicity Design Pinterest Page for interior inspirations.)

5 Top Tips To Decorating Your Home

5 top tips for decorating your home

Mix pattern and texture with plain.

My final of the 5 Top Tips For Decorating Your Home is focusing on your fabrics, wallpaper, art prints, cushions, throws, and lighting. Involve both plain items, texture, and pattern accessories, which is a great way to bring character, personality and depth into each room.

The pattern products give you focal points, whilst the plain colour breaks up pattern creates calm and inviting. Textures are a lovely in between for pattern and plain colour accessories. Additionally giving a soothing additional touch to any room.

5 top tips for decorating your home

Create your personal style.

New interior trends happen every 6 months, there’s always a new interiors craze to follow. This means you could be redecorating once or twice a year, if you wanted.

Personally I suggest don’t follow trends. I would always recommend a client to go with what you love, not anyone else’s style. Because your home reflects you and your personality.

If you happen to love a particular trend, purchase a home accessory that’s affordable and easy to replace when the time is right.

5 top tips for redecorating your home

I hope my 5 Top Tips For Decorating Your Home have helped you get inspired to giving your home a new lease of life.

Do you need any help on deciding on the right pattern design, and colours within the Laura Felicity Design Collection?

Or need help and advice to using our products to create a particular style?

Perhaps you would like to discuss personalising a design of ours, and perhaps even bespoke ideas, please get in contact.

Because at Laura Felicity Design, I would love to help you create the ideal decor and style for your home.

Best Wishes,


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