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About Laura Felicity

Hi I’m Laura (owner of Laura Felicity), a London born and bred Wallpaper & Fabric Pattern Designer, Interior Stylist, and Interiors Blogger.

Four years ago I moved in with my husband Dominic to our first home in Bedfordshire. It was here where I found a strong passion for all thing DIY and decorating. Which I love to try, talk about, and blog about.

Most days you can find me in our little two-bedroom house, working away (and blogging) on my laptop. Whilst sipping on herbal (hippy) teas, and eating dark chocolate. When not at home, I’m in my lovely studio in North London designing, styling, and creating interior products for client’s homes.

Home Office Styling

Home Office Styling

People often refer to me as ‘The Wallpaper Lady’, because I absolutely love all things wallpaper and pattern.

It has been one of my dreams to be able to design beautiful feature wallpaper for people’s homes. Which has now evolved into interior styling and design services, through being a Decorbuddi Designer.

I love serving the world by creating and styling ideal interiors for your home, involving my pattern designs and products (where needed).

My goal is to produce beautiful high-quality interior products that you love to decorate your home with. And style them where you, your family, and loved ones will create personalised memories, for many years to come.

The things I’m most passionate about are creating memories to remember with friends and family. Creating a home that is inviting, calm and relaxing, that suits our own personal style.

When I’m not busy designing, styling, and blogging, you can find me taking long walks with the hubby and the dog in the beautiful British Countryside, where a lot of my design inspiration comes from. And trying my hand at anything DIY related around our home.

As a wallpaper and interior products designer I have been featured on Design Sponge Blog. In Country Homes & Interiors, Period Living, Good Homes Magazines, and The Metro.

I am also one of Wayfair UK’s Home Experts and Guest Contributors. Posts include being their wallpaper expert, geometric wallpaper style expert, to shelf styling expert.

Home Office Styling

Home Office Styling

Where to next?

KEEP IN TOUCH: Join my Interiors World! Stay up to date with my Interior Top Tips, How To’s and styling advice. Plus take my Interior Style Quiz to find what style your home is.

TO THE BLOG: My blog is full of How To’s to help you create your ideal home interiors. As well as Top Tips to help with your interior styling. Plus my DIY and decorating hacks, along with what’s happening at in my home home when it comes to interiors, DIY & decorating.

VIEW MY WORK: Come and see what beautiful interiors I have helped create with my clients for their homes. Plus, get inspired through my PINTEREST Page for inspiration for your home projects.

Below is a short video of a bespoke wallpaper commission I completed earlier this year. Here I designed and screenprinted wallpaper for my client’s hallway, stairs, and landing space.

You can view more of (and subscribe to) my Laura Felicity videos over on my YOU TUBE CHANNEL, plus follow me and come my behind the scenes over on INSTAGRAM.

GET IN CONTACT: Do you need any further advice on how to decorate or style with your home furnishings? Or do you see a product from Laura Felicity that you love? Please do get in contact to enquire with how I can help you with your interior styling needs.

Contact Laura Felicity

Email – info@laurafelicity.co.uk

Phone – +44 (0) 7835200005

Studio Hours:
10:00am-6:00pm (GMT)

Work with me?
Are you interested in working with me on your home; for interior products, bespoke commission enquiries? Please contact Laura directly at laura@laurafelicity.co.uk.

For all Decorbuddi Designer; interior styling and design projects, please contact Laura on her Decorbuddi email at laura.finn@decorbuddi.com

For any PR queries related to advertising, sponsorship, guest blogs, or collaborations, please contact Laura Felicity at info@laurafelicity.co.uk. My PR Support will be in contact with you.

Interior Event Invitations
I live close to London, so if I’m free, I’m sure I’d love to come along. Send Laura Felicity your details and invitations to info@laurafelicity.co.uk.

Guesting and Sponsorship
I do accept guest posts on Laura Felicity’s Blog. If you would like to talk about a collaboration opportunity with Laura Felicity, please contact Laura Felicity at info@laurafelicity.co.uk.


Contact Laura FelicityContact Laura Felicity Contact Laura Felicity

Contact Laura Felicity Contact Laura FelicityContact Laura Felicity


Let’s discuss how to involve my interior accessories; wallpaper, lampshades, cushions & window blinds,within your home decor. Contact via phone; +44 (0) 7835 200005, email info@laurafeliicty.co.uk, or through the contact form above.