Beautifully Bespoke

Finding the right wallpaper for your home can be very frustrating.

What can be more stressful is when you’ve seen the wallpaper you want to fit in with your home interior. But you can’t find anything that resembles this print when searching.

What if I told you, you could design your own wallpaper to solve these problems. Would you believe me?

Laura Felicity was created in 2010 when I was asked to design a bespoke wallpaper for a prospective client. For their hallway, stairs and landing space, spanning over three floors.

Inspired by my Pretty Flower wallpaper, I worked with them on a tailored version to suit the style, design and colour scheme of their own home decor.

Bespoke Wallpaper Designer

Since this commission, I have been designing and screen printing wallpaper for clients around the UK, and internationally. Every project I get to work on creating a bespoke wallpaper design, is done with personalisation in mind.

I love to work closely with individual clients to make sure they are getting exactly what they are asking for. And that they will get what they set out to achieve within their interior design.

Bespoke Wallpaper

As well as private clients, I have also been fortunate enough to work alongside Essendon Country Club, in Hertfordshire. Where I designed and screen printed their bespoke feature wallpaper in the Club’s main dining area and Ladies changing room. Here I took their brand logo and colour scheme and created a branded pattern design, unique to their company.

Every bespoke wallpaper project is different, yet follows a similar pattern with regards to ideas to final printed outcome.

Here’s my bespoke wallpaper process;

  • We get to work closely together choosing patterns and designs that inspire you. And discuss what the vision is for your own wallpaper.

  • With your initial ideas I then begin the draw up stage. I hand draw every pattern design, and then modify to scale on the computer, to transfer into a screen print.

  • Next, we will discuss colour options for your wallpaper design. I mix each colour by hand and match the palette my client wants.

  • Once you are happy with the pattern design and colour options, I will get to work on screen printing the bespoke wallpaper for you.

  • Each bespoke wallpaper designs is hand screen printed with my Made To Measure process, to create less paper wastage.

  • When I’ve complete your wallpaper printing, we then have it delivered to you. For every wallpaper project, I accompany it with (to scale) visuals and guidelines to help you install.

Please get in touch with me if you’d like to find out more about designing your own bespoke wallpaper. Ask me anything!