Easy Decorating Tips for Christmas at Home (with Guests)


Can you believe we are literally one month away until Christmas Day arrives? But you’ll be feeling calm, because you have everything under control, especially where you’re guests are concerned. If you’re entertaining this year, this post can help you prepare for your guests being round, with my easy decorating tips for Christmas at home.

Easy Decorating Tips for Christmas

Then it leaves the last minute jobs (if you’re anything like me), to wrap presents the night before the Festive Day, whilst sipping on mulled wine, and (badly) singing to Christmas songs that are on in the background.

Here are my easy decorating tips for Christmas:

1. Get organised, clean and tidy

First thing’s first, have a good tidy and ‘Spring Clean’ of your home, especially in the areas that will be used for entertaining your guests. Cleaning and tidying are great ways to get you into the mindset of preparing for your guests arrival. Plus, you can make a list as you go around of the essential house jobs you need to do before the Festivities begin.

I will be doing this before I get the Christmas decorations down from the loft, and start hanging up. Otherwise you have to clean around these as well, which simply creates extra work. Make it simple and as stress free as possible for yourself.

Easy Decorating Tips for Christmas

Easy Decorating Tips for Christmas

2. Create an inviting Hallway

The first place your guests step in to is your hallway. A great way to make a welcoming and inviting impression is to decorate this space with Christmas decorations and beautiful Festive scents, with candles and/or diffuser reeds. There are many Festive scents available from many shops, with a range of budgets to suit your spending for Christmas.

You can also add winter blooms bought from your local florist, or even collect pine cones from your dog walk (wash them and dry them out beforehand), and displaying around in a vase or display bowl.

You can mix the displayed pine cones with some potpourri to make your home smell and look lovely.

These are very quick and easy ways to make your space feel Festive, getting everyone relaxed and in the mood for Christmas celebrations from the offset.

Easy Decorating Tips for Christmas

Easy Decorating Tips for Christmas

Easy Decorating Tips for Christmas

3. Decorate with Wallpaper and Accessories

If it’s been playing on your mind to redecorate certain areas of your home, a few months before Christmas is the ideal time to plan for this. I’ve set myself the challenge to finish our home decorating before the Festive Season begins. With only one month to go I hope to keep on target…watch this space!

Redecorating doesn’t have to be themed toward Christmas itself. It’s about refreshing your home’s look, and rejuvenating the feel you want to create in each room. This can be through replacing small home accessories such as cushions, throws and lighting; to a new look entirely with wallpaper.

Metallics or pearlescent feature wallpapers are a perfect compliment to your Christmas decorations, as well as creating a luxurious feel.

Also think about your colour scheme for each room. Blush pink hues in Winter create a warm and inviting feel to a room.

Our Living Room Wallpaper Our Living Room Wallpaper

4. Bring order to your Living Room

Your Living Room is part of your home where you and your guests will relax throughout the Festive time, (apart from bedrooms). You want to make sure there is enough cosy seating for people to sit down on, as well as places to relax in as well.

Cushions and throws are brilliant additions to your seating area to make your living room feel inviting and homely.

Think about the lighting you use throughout the day and into the evening.

During the day ,main lights and subtle fairy lights from the Christmas Tree are all you need to make your living room feel cosy and welcoming.

Decorative fairy lights, candles and side lampshades/dimmer lighting, are great to use for the evening lighting when you and guests are relaxing.

Easy Decorating Tips for Christmas

Easy Decorating Tips for Christmas

5. Create a homely Guest Bedroom

Prepare your Guest’s bedroom the day before they arrive, to make sure everything is ready.

Think about the room you are using; is there enough space for guests to store their travel case? Do they need any hanging space for their clothes, (depending on the duration of their stay).

Again, think about the lighting. A homely touch is to have side lighting for the evening when guests go to bed, rather than using the main light.

Lovely finishing touches are to provide your guests with fresh clean towels, already laid out on the bed for their arrival. Along with little gifts such as shower gel, shampoo and tooth paste, just in case they left theirs at home.

Easy Decorating Tips for Christmas

Easy Decorating Tips for Christmas

If you need any help with these easy decorating tips for Christmas, or need advice with styling an area of your home. As well as would like to discuss decorating your home/Laura Felicity products, please get in contact.