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I’m one to create a wall gallery. As a matter of fact I think I actually have a thing for creating a feature wall. Whether that’s with wallpaper, shelf display areas, or a wall gallery.


Do you have walls around your home that are too small or too tricky to have either shelving or wallpaper featured there? But are still spaces that are in need of being a feature area? Then creating a small wall gallery decor is perfect for this idea.

In our two up two down home we have a few areas that I did this with to fill a space. Therefore making these areas more of a feature wall.

A little top tip of mine is to keep greeting cards that mean something to you and mix up with your chosen artwork and art prints for your wall decor.

You can then use the same colour frames to make your wall art coherent as a feature wall.

These little finishing touches that can make all the different to the walls in your home.


With small DIY projects being key to keeping active in our home.

My little top tip for when you are creating a feature gallery wall (from either shelving or picture frames);

1) Mark out the size of your wall area you are using on the floor and try laying out the shelving or frames in different compositions and spacing between the frames/shelving, in your marked out space.

2) For each layout take photos and note down the measurements. This reveals what works best before any nail or screw fixes into the wall.

The floor layout strategy was used for our stairs wall art gallery, because our stairs feature walls were far too tricky to create paper templates for.

3) Alternatively, if your wall is too large to measure out on the floor, you can create paper templates of each frame/shelf size and tack each template onto the wall to visualise your composition ideas.

Again, make sure you take photos and note down measurements to help decide your chosen layout.

I used both of these ideas for planning our Shelfie Feature Wall in our kitchen dining area, to create the perfect gallery wall outcome.

Using either/both of these DIY strategies makes it so much easier for you to create a wall gallery, no matter how straight forward or awkward your feature wall (space) is.

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