The Spring/Summer season is a wonderful time to decorate. Don’t you think? Here’s Laura Felicity Design’s top tips for how to decorate a Conservatory.

A perfect room to spend time in, away from modern life and technology.

How To Decorate A Conservatory

Last year the Pretty Flower wallpaper had a bespoke colour makeover, and was hung up in a client’s Conservatory. To bring the outside in.

My client was looking for a feature wallpaper, which could be colour matched for their chosen wall paint and ‘L shaped’ sofa. Along with their existing cushion pattern and colour scheme.

Plus it was a wonderful way to match outside colours into the room, to make the whole atmosphere and feel of the room flow.

They had the idea of designing a space, for the whole family to relax in. Where technology was not to be used. No TV, ipads, or phones. 

Instead it was for quality family time, playing games, reading books, magazines, and generally getting away from modern life, to relax whilst enjoying and overlooking their garden.

How To Decorate A Conservatory

A Conservatory is an ideal place to relax in and take advantage of the natural light throughout the day. Whilst appreciating your garden all year round.

Whether you are in and out of your garden through the Spring/Summer, doors wide open, circulating warm, fresh air. 

Or want to stay cosy indoors, in the the warmth and beauty of their you home, especially during Autumn/Winter.

How To Decorate A Conservatory

 I think my client has hit the nail on the head with using the Pretty Flower design for this room. Especially selecting a bespoke colour, of the gold/green tones, to go with their chosen scheme. Involving complimenting floral patterns, to match the feature wall, combined with light colour palettes.

The Pretty Flower wallpaper is hand screen printed in a pearlescent binder and ink (priced from £45 per 3meter panel). Meaning it captures the natural light reflecting different tones of colour throughout the day. Perfect for a Conservatory, or similar light filled rooms, to create beauty and depth with this design.
A quality my clients love.

How To Decorate A Conservatory

Are you thinking of decorating your Conservatory, or even making small changes to the room?

Here are some of my top tips, on how to decorate a conservatory space for you.

Getting The Colour Right Scheme

Colour is a powerful tool. Used in the right way it can have many psychological benefits. It can be used to sooth, relax, and heal. Therefore it’s important to get it right for your home.

Pastel and light colours work well in a Conservatory, because of their light and airy hues. Natural light from the sun bounces off lighter tone colours around the room, therefore creating illusion of space.

Remember dark colours absorb light from UV Rays, creating additional heat within the room. This isn’t ideal for a Conservatory space, unless you have UV glass or blinds to block out the rays.

If you have a South facing garden, you will get yellow light throughout the summer. Therefore use blue hues to cool down (the look of) the room.
If you have a Conservatory that doesn’t get as much natural light through the day, use warmer colours, reds, pinks, purples, yellow to warm up (the look of) the room
Plus you can try coordinating your garden colours and bring inside. Balance the light that comes in throughout the day. Use bright and bold colours to make a statement, and neutral tones to create light and spacious feel.

How To Decorate A Conservatory

Pretty Flower Cushion from £32

Flower Power

Floral patterns are a great way to blend the outside and inside together. Plus bring the outdoor beauty in, all year round. You don’t have to stick to one Botanical or flower print. Try mix and matching different floral designs, for a more contemporary feel.

If you aren’t a fan of pink or purple florals, use more masculine colours, such as blue and green hues, plus metallics. Therefore creating a to look less girly. 

Simply Refreshing

If you don’t want to completely redecorate your Conservatory, or have a small budget to the refresh look, think about purchasing smaller homeware items.

Art prints, cushions, lighting, and home accessories such as picture frames, ornaments, and candles can be kept cost effective, whilst creating a homely and cosy feel within the room. Making an affordable, comfortable, and cosy sanctuary to escape modern life.

How To Decorate A Conservatory

Pretty Flower Lampshade from £39

Make A Statement

On the other hand, if you are wanting to create a whole new fresh look, and do have the budget to spend, go to town and really make a statement.

Make your conservatory a statement within your home by involving a feature wallpaper or window blinds. Then you can purchase complimenting home accessories to give the room the ultimate wow factor.

When it comes to Window Blinds, it’s great to add more of the chosen pattern, by matching with cushions and/or lampshades as well in the room.

It’s worth bearing in mind, if your Conservatory is a family room where your little ones can use, make sure you choose the right fabrics. Make sure they are easy to wash, and avoid luxury silks.

How to Decorate A Conservatory

Pretty Flower Window Blind Range from £135

Banish clutter

Quite simply try and make your Conservatory a place you can escape from modern day stresses and technology. It’s a brilliant room to create a tranquil space for family to enjoy.

Before you decorate, it’s worth thinking about what the Conservatory space can be used for, and how do you want to feel when your are spending time in there.

Tranquil, Fresh, Light, Natural, Harmonising, Relaxed, Cosy and Elegant, are all words that spring to my mind.

How To Decorate A Conservatory

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