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Continuing on from last week’s guest blog post Wake Up & Spring Forward With Zest. thought it would be great to talk about how to create a relaxing bedroom, ideal to help you sleep. With the Laura Felicity Design style.
How To Create A Relaxing Bedroom
I’m not going to lie, I absolutely love my sleep! And since being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue when I was 21, rest is very important to me.
I need at least 8 hours sleep (not that I always get it). Therefore being able to wind down and relax in the evening, is an essential part of my routine.
Relaxing and getting a good night sleep is essential for all of us, and there are many experts currently speaking out about this. It simply isn’t healthy to be getting 2-3 hours a night, if we can help it.
However it is easier said than done, isn’t it? We lead such busy, and full on lives, it can be very difficult to come to a sudden stop in the evening. Expecting ourselves to relax, rest, and get a good night’s sleep.
But, did you know there are small things we can do in our day-to-day routine, to help our mind and body slow down, prepare to rest, and then (hopefully) sleep.
It starts with how to create a relaxing bedroom environment. I have 7 top tips to show you how you can achieve this, with very easy steps.
Here’s how to create a relaxing bedroom.

Set The Mood.

The first thing for how to create a relaxing bedroom is focusing on colour. Did you know selecting a colour for your bedroom, isn’t just about going for the tone you love? Colour has psychological attributes, meaning the colour you select, can affect the way you sleep. Read more about Interior Colour Psychology from my guest blogger Lucy, from The Colour club here.
If you have trouble sleeping, it’s worth selecting a colour palette that is calming. Such as pastel and light colours.
However, if you need a little help waking up in the morning, try using more bright tones, but in subtle areas of the room, so you don’t distract your relaxation at night.
According to scientific results, the colour blue especially has a calming effect on us, to help us relax and send to sleep. This is due to the colour blue affecting our conscious control (our automatic nervous system). It can lower our heart rate and blood pressure, and slow our breathing down.
I especially love the Duck Egg Blue colour, from the Pretty Flower wallpaper range,  which has been successfully featured to create many relaxing bedrooms.
How To Create A Relaxing Bedroom

Bed and Bedding.

The second tip for how to create a relaxing bedroom is on the bed. There is nothing more inviting than seeing a dreamy looking bed, you simply want to dive into and have the best night’s sleep. It isn’t just hotels who can make this happen. You can too.
It’s all about the details.  Everything on your bed should be soft and comfortable. For your bedding sheets select natural fibre fabrics, such as cotton and linen, because they are long-lasting, soft and breathable. There’s something about crisp, white bedding I absolutely love, it must be the dreamy look.
Compliment the bedding with a cosy duvet, one (or two) that suits you for the summer and the winter months. As it’s one thing having gorgeous bedding to look at, it’s another getting into bed and having that amazing feeling of cosiness and comfort.
Replace your sleeping pillows every couple of years, selecting ones that are comfortable for your head and neck. The same goes with your mattress. Experts say you should replace this every 8 years. Make sure you go for one that suits your body position when sleeping.
For inviting finishing touches, think about adding a cosy thick knit throw for the end of the bed. As well as decorative cushions at the head of the bed, for the ultimate ‘come to bed’ invitation.
How To Create A Relaxing Bedroom

Your Bedside Table

Your bedside table should be reserved for the senses; sight, scent, and sound to help you relax and go to sleep. Have a low lit bedside lamp at your side, to reduce the harsh light from the main lighting in the bedroom.
Have calming aromatherapy scents around you, such as lavender to breath in, helping you relax whilst you get ready for bed.
And have your sound system playing soft, soothing music, or an audio book, to help calm your mind. Avoid having a TV in the bedroom, or putting it on at night. It really doesn’t help your brain get into sleep mode.
By doing these three things will start to let your brain now it’s time to start relaxing.
How to create a relaxing bedroom

What’s in your Drawers?

Have everything you need to get ready for bed in your Bedside Drawer. Include pamper items such as hand cream, body moisturiser, lip balm, and nail emery boards, for all your evening maintenance needs.
Have a lavender bag or eye pillow in there as well. When you are ready to rest, place the lavender over your forehead and breath in the aromatherapy scent, whilst taking a relaxation. I do this, and it really does help calm your mind to help you sleep.
How to create a relaxing bedroom


Another aspect for how to create a relaxing bedroom, is light. Whether it’s natural or artificial, light plays a huge part to help us settle for a good night’s sleep. I love being surrounded by darkness, and this is exactly what we need to create.
Make sure your main over head lighting is switched off in the evening. Turn on your bedside table lamps, and floor lamps to a create low lit, and relaxing environment. Helping the brain to know it’s time to calm down.
Curtains and/or window blinds are also important for our sleep, especially during the Spring/Summer months. Our brain is wired to wake up when their is light, and sleep when it dark.
Choose window features that will block out enough light for your needs as possible. Something like black out window blinds or curtains, are brilliant.
However do make sure for the morning there is a little bit of natural light able to get into you bedroom. Otherwise you may find it difficult to wake up and get out of bed. I tend to leave a little gap open in the curtains or window blinds to avoid this, (for the black out products).
how to create a relaxing bedroom


The one thing we need to make sure we do, is create less work for the brain in the evenings. Try to de-clutter your bedroom and have minimal decor where possible, to prevent being stressed or overwhelmed in your bedroom. Organasing is key, and being one step ahead of the game, by regularly tidying, and storing items of clothing, bags, jewellery away out of sight.
If you like to have items on display for decor, keep these to a minimal. Make sure you check regularly that the areas aren’t getting over crowded or too cluttered.
I had the wonderful guest blogger Patty from Organised & Simple, who wrote her top tips for decluttering last Summer. Have a read of her guest blog post about how to Spring Clean and declutter.
Spring Clean Summer Spring Clean Summer

No tech!

Finally how to create a relaxing bedroom…do not take tech to bed. It really is true! Avoid looking at any form of technology that gives off that white/blue light. Meaning your TV, phone, ipad, reading book device. All of these generate a particular light that makes our brain think it’s still day time. If your brain is still awake, how do you expect to sleep?
I’ve taken to reading a book for 10-15 minutes, when I get into bed. It makes my mind slow down from the busy day I’ve had, and side tracks  me from the day-to-day thought I need to do for tomorrow. Plus my eyes have a little work out, and get tired too.
Set your phone on night shift, where it turns the white/blue screen to a power down yellow. And set it airplane mode, to make sure you don’t get any unnecessary disruptions.
how to create a relaxing bedroom
I hope after reading this, you have many wonderful night’s sleep ahead.
If you are looking for any further help with how to create a relaxing bedroom, or need any decorating tips whilst using the Laura Felicity Design Collection for you bedroom, please get in contact.
I’d love to help you create a relaxing a stress free environment to help you to sleep well.
Best Wishes,
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