What's Your Interior Style

Have you ever wondered ‘What’s your Interior Style’? I know I have.

What's Your Interior Style

There is a lot of information and inspiration online and in magazines that I sometimes can think can be overwhelming. (There’s sometimes too much out there.)

To the point I have got really confused about what I was doing in terms of what I was looking for. And I have actually got stressed out about what to buy, which I think shouldn’t be the case. It should be fun, enjoyable and inspiring.

I found a sense of confusion and overwhelm. Especially when I was decorating our home, and trying to work out what my Interior Style was going to be for each room. There is a sense of having to make our home look fantastic and stylish for whenever family and friends come round.

When I realised what I was going through; having a bit of a creative style block, I decided to do a bit of research and reading to find out the variety of interior styles that I think summarise a variety of tastes.

This was to get an understanding of our individual interior styles, rather than feel like we have to follow the latest trends.

Are you interested to find your Interior Style?

With this research and information that I used to help design my own home, I’ve designed a quick and fun quiz for you to discover what your Interior Style is as well.

The Quiz is made up of a series of questions about your personality and your ideal home.

Intrigued? Simply sign up below to take my Quiz.

What's Your Interior Style

Your Quiz will land straight into your email inbox, shortly followed by the results after you’ve taken the Quiz. Explaining a little bit about your Interior Style, including;

  • A break down about the specific Style that best suits you.
  • The types of furniture that best suits each style.
  • The types of Interior Accessories you should aim for to get the look.
  • The colour palettes that best suit your Style, and how to use them in the best way.
What's Your Interior Style

Plus I also include an Inspiration Board for you, to show you what your style can look like. Along with the types of interior products you can use to get the look.

Take the quiz, shake off those expectations/feelings of having to follow the trends. And therefore start to get excited about your own Interior Style that only YOU have!

And, there may be a few interior products that may look familiar, because I’ve included a few from Laura Felicity range too.

Seriously, come and sign up to take the Quiz, which will help you find out what your Interior Style is.

Have fun!