Last year I started writing about the process of my Bespoke Wallpaper Project I was commissioned to do, back in early 2018. I spoke about the design process in particular. Now I want to share with you how I worked with my clients to create their Bespoke Wallpaper Colours.

If you would prefer to watch my YouTube video version, you can do so below.

The process itself was a mini project within the bespoke wallpaper commission.

It started off as another consultation, where my clients and I worked through different colour ranges and options.

They knew roughly what type of colours they were drawn to (from their own personal style, and current home decor). Plus they had a range of (Farrow & Ball) paint samples as a reference. It was simply a matter of working out which colour options were the right choice for them.

Bespoke Wallpaper Colours

We were looking to use three bespoke wallpaper colours within their pattern design. Therefore it was finding the right colour combination to make the pattern work as well.

There were a couple of colour combinations we initially went away with, for me to work on the next steps.

Every colour I use to screen print with is all mixed my hand (by me).

Using paint colour charts are brilliant ways for me to work by. This is because I can use these to mix up as close a match as possible from the original sample. Therefore making sure my clients are getting the colour (or as close to as) they initially chose.

Bespoke Wallpaper Colours
Bespoke Wallpaper Colours

Because there were two colour ways they were deciding on, I took to the computer first (to save time and cost). Where I worked on some digital renders of their bespoke pattern design, in both colour choices.

The reason I did this was because I personally like to work in a visual way. Also I think it’s important for my clients to visualise what their pattern can/will look like. This is before the investment of starting to colour mix and screen print begins.

Needless to say it worked a treat. Because from the two colour ways, they were able to quickly decide which colour option they wanted to go ahead with.

I absolutely fell in love with their final colour palette;

Mustard yellow, dusky mint green, and a beautiful rose pink (with a dusky tone to it as well). Together these three colours look incredible, especially against the off-white background of my wallpaper. Along with their surrounding white walls.

Once I had made sure my clients were 100% happy on their chosen three colours, I got to work with creating bespoke wallpaper colours’ sampling.

Bespoke Wallpaper Colours
Bespoke Wallpaper Colours
Bespoke Wallpaper Colours
Bespoke Wallpaper Colours

As I mentioned earlier, all my screen print colours are mixed by hand. In particular, when I create bespoke wallpaper colours I don’t start off by mixing one large batch. I like to provide a few colour range options to make sure the colour/s I’ve mixed are perfect for the interiors of my client’s house.

Plus to make sure the mixed samples compliment the light (natural and artificial) that occurs throughout the day and the evening. This is all done to make sure we get the right colour hue especially for your home.

Bespoke Wallpaper Colours
Bespoke Wallpaper Colours

It’s truly amazing how many tones of yellow, green and pink you can mix up to get to match that original colour paint sample. However, the right colours were achieved and this meant I could start to mix up the final three colours.

Because the project was a large commission, it meant a lot of screen print binder had to be mixed.

It does take a lot of time, patience and a good eye to make sure the final colour batch matches your chosen colour sample. Which in turn needs to match the original colour sample swatch.

Bespoke Wallpaper Colours
Bespoke Wallpaper Colours

Creating bespoke wallpaper colours is truly a labour of love.

It does take a long time, and I can be standing there (for what feels like hours) patiently mixing and altering the slightest of tones to make sure I get the right one for my client.

There are also some non-controlled factors that can also make colour mixing a little more difficult; such as temperature control. And in the height of our lovely hot Spring/Summer last year, this did play an interesting part.

However, needless to say after many woman hours put in, I was able to successfully come away with the final three bespoke colour options, for my clients bespoke wallpaper. Mixing enough of each to screen print over 100meters of wallpaper.

Now it means I begin the screen printing process! However before that there is the measuring of each wall space, and starting to prepare the screens for the bespoke wallpaper patterns.

Bespoke Wallpaper Colours

In the meantime, do make sure you head over to part one of the bespoke wallpaper series, to find out what the inspiration behind my clients personal design is all about.

Plus do let me know what you think about the colour choices, and the design!

Or if you would like to discuss a bespoke wallpaper project you have in mind.