With the recent release of Laura Felicity Design’s Art Print range, I want to share my top tips on how to decorate with Art Prints.

How to Decorate With Art Prints

Art Prints are a beautiful way to have pattern and colour in any room, especially if you’re not confident to involve pattern design within your home.

They are also a great way to bring art into a house that you may be renting.

Or even if you like the idea of being able to move interior products around. Therefore creating a fresh look during different seasons.


There are many ways we can decorate with Art Prints.

How To Decorate With Art PrintsThere’s No Place Like Home Art Print, Plum, from £12.00

First of all take the time to find and figuring out what you want for your home, and where each art work fit nicely. And most importantly choose what you LOVE.

Rather much like creating a mood or inspiration board for when your decorating (you can read my 5 Top Tips For Decorating Your Home, here), make sure you select Art and Prints that compliment one another. And of course compliment the interior of your chosen room.

Laying the art prints side by side on the floor or a spacious table top, is perfect for this. 

Whilst you are figuring out which art work and art print suits one another, bear in mind the different frame styles you also want to use. 

Depending on the style of your home, mixing frame styles are a good way to involve different colours that may link to other framed art prints within the room.

Or go bold and choose the same type of frame for all your art prints.

Either make an effective statement to your art print collection.

How To Decorate With Art PrintsHome Sweet Home Art Print, Lavender, from £12.00


If you are hanging your art prints on the wall, make sure you hang them at the right height. You want to be able to see the art work and enjoy it at a natural eye level, so think about how high and low you go with your art work. You don’t want to be having to strain your neck by looking up or down.

How To Decorate With Art Prints

Creating a Square Grid Hanging or Line Hanging are both gorgeous ways to display between 2-9 art prints. Depending on their size of each art print and the statement you are aiming to create. This type of display can be minimal, yet striking to look at for a feature wall. 

Bear in mind this type of display is most effective when all your frames are the same size, and ideally in the same colour/style.

How To Decorate With Art Prints

How To Decorate With Art Prints

That being said, creating a Wall Art Gallery is a brilliant way to involve a variety of art prints, family photos, children’s ad work, posters etc, which are likely to be in all different shapes and sizes.

Mixing the frames are perfect for this style, because they really will tie everything in together. Especially if you have a variety of images on display.

How To Decorate With Art Prints

The Wall Art Gallery is perfect for creating clusters along a wall, ideally involving 8 or more art prints and images (depending of the wall space and frame sizes you select). It can also be a great excuse to play around with the height rule. Of course making sure you can see all the art on display…otherwise what’s the point in having hung up.

Wall spaces such as stairways, hallways and landings have been very popular fr this type of display. Because these walls can be tricky to think how to decorate.

How To Decorate With Art Prints


Displaying your prints on a shelf can be made to look equally as effective. Especially if you’re not a fan of getting out your spirit level, along with hammer and nails to hang art prints up on the wall. 

A beautiful way to display art prints on a shelf, is to combine other home accessories including succulents, fragrance infusers, and candles, to create intrigue to the shelf unit.

How To Decorate With Art Prints

How To Decorate With Art Prints

Another way to display art prints in a shelf is by overlapping them. This works beautifully on floating shelves, because you have a little barrier to stop the art prints from slipping off.

How To Decorate With Art Prints

I recently bought this type of shelving (in white) for our living room, from IKEA. They were perfectly affordable and look brilliant displaying my art prints, alongside other pictures and and family photos.

Where to display your Art Prints

Knowing how to decorate with Art Prints is one thing. It’s also useful to know where to display your Art Prints, especially if you’ve purchased a range from Laura Felicity Design.

How To Decorate With Art PrintsIt’s Good To Be Home Art Print, Mint, from £12.00

How To Decorate With Art PrintsHome Is My Happy Place Art Print, from £12.00

Here are some ideas on where to display your Art Prints, to create a beautiful interior feature;

  • Living Room feature wall above the sofa
  • Hallway, Stairway, Landing Spaces
  • Bedrooms; head board/above the bed
  • Kitchen, in your dining area
  • Children’s bedroom or playroom
  • Teenager’s bedroom feature wall.

The options for creating an Art Print statement feature are endless. It would be great to know how you display your Art Prints within your home.
Hopefully this feature has sparked some inspiration on how to decorate with Art Prints.
Best Wishes,