Have you ever wondered whilst flicking through Interior Design magazines, and deciding on paint colours and wallpaper patterns, ‘why do we decorate’?
I certainly have! It’s a subject I find really interesting, especially because the Psychology behind Interiors fascinates me.

why do we decorate

When I’m talking to clients about new home interior projects they want to involve Laura Felicity Design products in, we often discuss numerous issues;

  • The use of pattern and colour/s in a room, and which colours to select that compliment each other.
  • Getting it right when it comes to creating accent or feature walls.
  • What style they are looking for.
  • When the last time they decorated was.
  • and of course, Budget.

When I’m reviewing my client’s consultation/s I discover the real reason/s why they want to decorate or redecorate.  The questions are answered naturally in our discussions, without you even realising.
Why Do We Decorate?
For the majority of us, the material element of how our home looks to other people is important. We want to make a home we can invite guests in to, feel proud of, and make them feel comfortable. To be a home from home.

why do we decorate

It’s also a place where we can reflect who we are. Decorating is a great way to express our personality and taste in a creative way, within the comfort of our own space.
It’s a wonderful outlet for many people, especially when you have other areas of your life that are busy, and sometimes chaotic.
Bringing a sense of order and accomplishment to our own personal sanctuaries, which we can share with family and friends, is definitely a satisfying feeling.

why do we decorate

The main rooms Laura Felicity Design has been asked to decorate are master bedrooms, guest bedrooms, children’s bedrooms, living rooms/conservatories and hallways.
When you look at these rooms together, you see a pattern emerge. (no pun intended!)
They are all places we like to create, build and make memories. From greeting your friends and family at the door, inviting them in to your home for an evening of catch ups and laughter.
Kicking back and relaxing on the sofa with a glass of wine after a day of work watching catch up tv. Spending Sunday morning’s eating Brunch and reading the newspapers in bed, with your other half.
To your children learning, playing and having fun in their bedrooms.
These rooms create a back drop to our lives. A place we feel comfort, safe and happy.

Colour Psychology Interiors

Think back to when you look through old photos of yourself as a child growing up in your parent’s home. The decor always seems to spark memories of that time, and remind you of other events that happened around then too.
It’s a lovely feeling knowing our homes can create memories, and make us able to conclude, ‘why do we decorate’?

why do we decorate

Are you looking to decorate your home over the Summer?
Is it time to redecorate your child’s bedroom, because they have out grown the baby decor?
Or, has your bedroom been the last room you’ve been meaning to decorate, and now is the time to do it?
Let Laura Felicity Design help you Get The Look.

why do we decorate

If you are looking to make small enhancements to your existing interior, browse my product collection of window blinds, cushions and lighting for an instance room makeover.
Or get in touch to discuss the Decor Design Service, where we can customise your decorating needs and interior style.
With a range of selected colour samples and custom design discussions too, we can create bespoke, luxury wallpaper and interior accessories that are unique for your home.
Or let’s create bespoke colours of your favourite design from my wallpaper collection.
Simply get in touch.


Why Do We Decorate