Do you struggle to decorate your child’s bedroom, that both you and they will love?
Do you have trouble finding patterns that will be versatile over the years, for your little one to grow up with?
Do you find pattern designs to be either ‘too childish’, or even ‘too sophisticated’ for you child, teen or tween?
To decorate your child’s bedroom can be tricky, especially when you want to create an interior space that’s fun, yet calming.
With storage areas, without it looking too formal, or even clinical.
Plus, depending on the age of your child, you want to select a theme or design that can last a good few to several years.
Which your child will not grow out of straight away.
Another issue I have come across with clients is decorating for either tweens (teens going in to their twenties). Or are grandparents where their grandchildren come and stay regularly.

decorate your child's bedroom

The problem they have is they want to decorate the bedroom that reflects the younger person. But with a style that’s not too childish.
Plus, to have the possibility to convert this room into a guest bedroom, for when either the tween moves out. Or when other family members stay instead.
It is ideal for them to save time, money, and the worry on not having to redecorate again (for a while). Making the guest bedroom appropriate for whoever comes to stay.
Over the past year I have found these are the problems my clients are facing, when they want to decorate their child’s bedroom.

decorate your child's bedroom

One of the Laura Felicity Design’s patterns in particular that has been very popular in solving this issue, is the chirpy and cheerful Dotty Bird.
It’s fun, timeless and chic, that brings a smile to everyone’s face, no matter what age.
‘We had been looking for a beautiful fabric design for my 9 year old daughter’s bedroom. Not too childish, not too grown-up and couldn’t really find anything on the high-street we both liked.’
– Louise & her daughter, London
‘How can you make Dotty Bird appropriate for all ages’ I hear you say?
It starts with the colour palette selection to work alongside this pattern, for the particular interior space.
decorate your child's bedroomLet’s focus on Dotty Bird in Summer Green & Teal;
Using ‘Bubble Bath’ by Crown (easy clean, matt emulsion), or ‘Mint Macaroon’ by Dulux (endurance+ matt), are my recommended paint colours to use for a child’s and teen’s bedroom.
The green/blue tones bring out the teal and summer green colours from the pattern. Being bright, but not overpowering. Bringing out the design’s fun side.
Plus, the easy clean (Crown) and endurance (Dulux) are hard wearing paints. Meaning you can wipe down the walls without rubbing the paint away. Perfect!

decorate your child's bedroom            decorate your child's bedroom

For a more chic look to compliment Dotty Bird, use a touch of colour on one or more walls. Try ‘Dix Blue’ or ‘Skylight’, both by Farrow & Ball. This is ideal for tween’s and grandchild’s/guest bedroom.

decorate your child's bedroom         decorate your child's bedroom

Do you prefer a more subtle or neutral colour paint? Make Dotty Bird the striking feature statement to the bedroom, with ‘Cornforth White’ by Farrow & Ball, or ‘Cornflower White’ by Dulux.

    decorate your child's bedroom   decorate your child's bedroom         

Hopefully this has inspired you to start to decorate your child’s bedroom, Dotty Bird style.

Now, have a browse of the home products Dotty Bird has to offer here.

Remember bespoke sizes and colours can be discussed as well. Get in touch.

Do you need help a helping hand in decorating?

I’m here to help with my Interior Decorating Service. Advising you on which of the Dotty Bird products would suit the room, paint colours to suit the Dotty Bird collection. Plus complimenting accessories to really bring the room together; such as bed throws, plain scatter cushions, bedding and rugs.

‘I would recommend Laura Felicity Design for any interior decorating, and would definitely contact her again in the future.’

Would you like to know more? Please get in touch. I’d love to help you decorate your child’s bedroom and Get The Look with Dotty Bird.

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Decorate Your Child's Bedroom