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Last June I had the privilege of being interviewed by Victorian Plumbing’s blog based on Alison Cork’s inspiring women in design selection. It was a great opportunity where I was able to talk about my interior taste, and in particular what has inspired me for my own Bathroom Style.

Alison Cork is an interiors expert (and a lovely lady), who wrote a guest blog for Victorian Plumbing based on three different bathroom styles we can all swoon over and feel inspired by. You can read her three styles here.

Being inspired by Alison herself and her blog, as well as putting the finishing touches to our own bathroom decorating, I’ve decided to share my four bathroom ideas for you to help discover what your own bathroom style is;

 Scandi Chic

Bathroom Style
(Image sourced via Pinterest)
  • This Scandinavian inspired style is made up of a minimal look, and involving clean lines. This can be achieved effectively by using larger wall tiles, or matching the tile’s colour to the grouting.
  • Keep your whole colour palette light and neutral.
  • Add a touch of colour in areas of the room, or through your accessories.
  • Make use of a subtle pattern feature wall or floor with tiles, for an added statement.
  • To enhance the illusion of space and to maximize storage, think about installing floating units.

Modern Farmhouse

Bathroom Style
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  • Keep this style rustic and retro, by keeping the colour palette light and bright. Make use of white, neutral or light colours.
  • Involve natural/rustic wood for the units, shelving and storage.
  • Staying on the modern side of the farmhouse style, try and involve a freestanding bath.
  • It’s all about open storage and shelving areas, so make sure you get your ‘shelfie’ game on!
  • Involve brass fixtures for your sink and bath/shower units.
  • For the ultimate farm feel, use pattern within this style.

Vintage Elegance

Bathroom Style
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  • Inspired by the Victorian/Edwardian Era, this bathroom can be easy to create, but needs to be well executed.
  • Select a traditional bathroom suite and furniture, and combine with vintage style taps.
  • For the ultimate touch of vintage elegance, involve a freestanding bath.
  • It’s all about the finishing touches for this décor. Select a traditional style radiator, and a beveled mirror, to make it feel like you’re stepping back in time.
  • Keep to gloss wall tiles with pattern tile flooring. With the colour palette staying contrasting of light and dark, i.e. black/grey/navy/emerald green & white colour palette

Sanctuary Hotel

Bathroom Style
(Image sourced from Instagram)
  • There’s something wonderful about stepping into a boutique/hotel sanctuary style bathroom. To create this look it’s all about creating a wet room style, by tiling through the room.
  • Combine floor to ceiling tiles, and use soft white neutrals or sage green/duck egg blue for a feminine and calm feel.
  • Make sure to use smooth tile flooring throughout. If you want to create an urban hotel bathroom style, use pattern tiles, in something like a grey colour palette. For the ultimate luxury style, involve marble (effect) tiles.
  • Hide away toiletries in an under-basin cabinet, plus involve built in storage, for the pamper zone feel. Both of these additions will also maximise your bathroom’s space.
  • For the finishing touches, make sure to use contemporary style bathroom suite and tap fittings. And think about having a light up bathroom mirror, because this will put the icing on the cake for you sanctuary hotel bathroom style.

In any Bathroom Style you choose, make sure you try and add a touch of luxury and comfort in some way;

  • Purchase soft and fluffy towels to wrap yourself up in after a lovely warm shower or bath.
  • Heighten your senses with calming diffused scents to help you relax, and create your own sanctuary.
  • Add plants (fake or real, your preference) to bring nature into the room, as this will soften up and bring depth to any bathroom décor.

Our own Bathroom Style

Bathroom Style
Bathroom Style

As you (hopefully) have read in my previous Bathroom Renovation Blog Post, we completely redesigned our Bathroom last year. This room was extremely dated and lacked any form of storage or even niceness about it.

When it came to redesigning we knew we needed to maximise the space, and get as much storage in the small bathroom as possible.

You can read more about the decision-making and how we achieved this in more detail here.

Bathroom Style
Bathroom Style

For our Bathroom Style I knew I wanted to keep this Bathroom light, airy and minimal. Keeping the colour palette neutral. I decided it needed to have a touch of Scandinavian style about it, to enhance the illusion of space.

However the print designer in me knew I couldn’t have an all nuetral, plain bathroom. It needed a to have a touch of colour and pattern to tie this room in with the rest of the house. As well as to suit our interior style and give it the modern/chic touch.

Bathroom Style
Bathroom Style

It was with these decisions that I knew our Bathroom Style fits in perfectly with the Scandi Chic design. And it suits the style of our home perfectly.

I have introduced small finishing touches such as framed prints, and colour accessories into our bathroom, to bring in more personalised perspective. As well as brought in fake foliage, because a touch of greenery compliments perfectly with the neutral and blue colour scheme we went for.

Bathroom Style
Bathroom Style
Bathroom Style

Our Bathroom is now one of my favourite rooms in our home, and I think you can agree definitely an improvement from what we first moved in to.

Bathroom Style
Bathroom Style

If you want to recreate our Bathroom Style, here are the suppliers details to help you get started (below). If you need any help with your Bathroom’s Interior Style and Decor, please get in contact, because I would be more than happy to help you create your dream bathroom style.

Suppliers details;

Bath unit, bath panel, and glass divide – Victorian Plumbing

Sink and Toilet – B&Q

Bath and Sink Taps – B&Q

Shower Unit – Screw Fix

Floating Sink Unit – B&Q

Vinyl Flooring – The Carpet Trade Centre

Wall Tiles – B&Q

Shelving – IKEA

‘Get Naked’ Wire sign – Lust Life Designs

Art Prints – Bling Prints

Frames – Wilko

Fake Foliage – IKEA (hanging plant) and B&Q (succulents)

Blue Glass Jar Accessories – IKEA

Bathroom Mat – Homesense

Soap Dispenser – Homesense

Toothbrush Holder – Homesense

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