Since we moved in to our first home two years ago I have found particular corners of the house fairly difficult knowing how to decorate awkward spaces, especially corner areas.
After some research on how to decorate awkward spaces, I wanted to share them with you, because I have discovered some great top tips, that I will also be using myself.
How To Decorate Awkward Spaces

Here are my 10 top tips how to decorate awkward spaces within your home.

1. Create a Reading Corner

I love this idea, and I can’t think of anything more relaxing, especially in a room that is multipurpose, such as your living room or bedroom.
Create a cosy corner to sit back and relax in a stylish (and comfy) chair, lovely lit lighting, and your favourite book or interiors magazine.

How To Decorate an Awkward Space

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2. Build your own Shelving

If you have a wall space/corner space that you’re finding difficult to decorate, utilise this by creating your own shelving to suit the space. Or invest in a corner bookcase, which I love the idea of. Both ideas will help create a stylish corner area.

3. Make a Wall Art Gallery

This is something we are going to create for our stairway, as we have very tall walls going up the stairs, and I really want to utilise this space. Creating a wall art gallery, combining your favourite art prints, posters and family photos creates a statement feature wall gallery, whilst solving the awkward space.

4. Add Plants

In my opinion you can never have too many plants in your home…Okay you can (to an extent), but introducing succulents and plants to display in awkward spaces can be a perfect way to spruce up a difficult corner area, because they add dimension, texture and greenery, as well as brighten up areas of the room.

How to Decorate Awkward Spaces

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5. Have a themed display

This can work really well in a corner you may have difficulty decorating in your hallway, or an area in your living space, which people tend to walk by and see. It’s the perfect way to involve your collected items to create a display area. Why not change this display seasonally to reflect the time of year, and keep fresh within your home.

6. Create a purpose built storage station

A perfect way for getting the whole family organised is to use your awkward space as a storage area for your phone chargers, memo boards, and useful storage solutions. This is a great idea for you to keep track of all the essential day-to-day items we always need a place for.

7. Design a play area for the kids

One great idea to solve your awkward space problem is to transform the corner area of your living room or child’s bedroom for your little ones to play in. Save floor space too by introducing storage for the wall instead.

8. Build your own desk space

I think this is an ideal solution if you have an open planned space, or have a room that is used for multi-purpose uses. Build your own home office or workstation in an unused area of your home for when you need to do additional work. Meaning you can spend time with your family, whilst getting your to-do list complete. Perfect!

How to Decorate Awkward Spaces

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9. Involve mirrors

If your still stuck for ideas, make sure you involve mirrors in your awkward space. Involve one tall mirror, or a collection of small ones. Using either are a brilliant way to reflect light around the room and create an illusion of space, as well as filling up your awkward space.

10. Paint your walls and ceiling the same colour

This is especially if your having trouble making your pitched ceilings look flawless with the rest of the room. Make sure you paint your walls and ceiling the same colour to soften the harsh angles, whilst giving the illusion of height.

How To Decorate Awkward Spaces

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The Pretty Flower Wallpaper was used to create a focal feature wall for a daughter’s bedroom. The brief was to create a calm sanctuary space for a twenty-year old daughter to relax in.
One area to tackle was the pitched ceiling, and to utilize the size of the bedroom. By placing the bed underneath the pitched area automatically created more space. Whilst adding floating shelves overhead helped solve on storage space.

How to Decorate Awkward Spaces(Pretty Flower Wallpaper, Dusky Lavender)

The Pretty Flower wallpaper in Dusky Lavender is a light and airy pattern, which is enhanced with its pearlescent screenprint ink. This is perfect for creating a sense of space within a room.
To keep this flowing throughout the bedroom, a complimenting white paint was used on all walls, including the pitched ceiling. This also made sure the focal point was the wallpaper, and not the angled ceiling.

How to Decorate Awkward Spaces

(Pretty Flower Wallpaper, Dusky Lavender)

How To Decorate an Awkward Space(Pretty Flower Wallpaper, Dusky Lavender)