At Laura Felicity, I am always happy speaking to potential clients about how to choose the right wallpaper. To help and give advice when it comes to purchasing my wallpaper.
I love wallpaper! It’s such a brilliant and effective product to use and style any type of room. Especially when selected and planned out with time and effort.

Choose The Right Wallpaper

How To Choose The Right Wallpaper

For some people it can feel like a daunting and overwhelming decision, especially if you’re not used to, or find it difficult to visualise how a pattern can look within a room.
This is why I have create an easy guide on how to choose the right wallpaper, to get you started.
Use these 5 steps to choosing the right wallpaper for your home.
Good Luck! You will be amazing that if you choose the right wallpaper, how it can transform a room.
Here are my five Top Tips:

1. Decide on a style of wallpaper for your room

When you are thinking about decorating, especially if you would like to use wallpaper or a main pattern design, it’s useful to research the interior style you are aiming to achieve, for the particular room/s you want to redecorate.

  • Floral wallpaper
  • Geometric wallpaper
  • Nature wallpaper
  • Animal Wallpaper
  • Abstract Wallpaper
  • …the list is endless!

If you are stuck for ideas, Pinterest or Instagram are perfect platforms and search tools to find visual inspiration, (as well as shop the look). You can browse a variety of different styles for different rooms, with enough choice to suit your envisioned style and personality.
Plus, with Pinterest you can create visual mood boards to get a sense of which styles work, and which you are not very keen on.

Choose The Right Wallpaper

2. Choose colour to create the right atmosphere for your room

In my opinion choosing colour is equally important as the type of pattern you choose, when you want to decorate with wallpaper.
I am a huge lover of the psychology of colour, and how it plays a part on our emotions, mood and lives.
Colour can play a role on how we feel, how we behave and how we interact with others. This is something to take into account when deciding on the room’s environment you want to have within each room.

Here are a few points to consider;
  • Is the space you are redecorating going to be for you to relax and unwind after a long day?
  • Maybe it’s a playful area for the children?
  • Perhaps it’s a room where you want to wine, dine, and entertain family and friends?

The colours you choose within your wallpaper design, paint choices and interior accessories, will each play a role to how this can be achieved. The pattern side of the wallpaper you choose will then follow.

Choose The Right Wallpaper   Choose The Right Wallpaper   Choose The Right Wallpaper   Choose The Right Wallpaper

Here are some introductory guidelines about colour when it comes to decorating;

  • Neutral shades; taupe, beige, cream and some greys, are stable, solid and un-chaotic colours, and can be used to create a sense of comfort.
  • By involving light colour palettes, including pastel hues, combined with neutral or pale shades to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Involve bright colour palettes, including teal, turquoise, and deep purples can stimulate your mind, whilst creating a striking interior. Involving accents of yellow can signify confidence.
  • Green is known for being harmonious, with a calming effect.

These colour palettes can be combined to get a variety of outcomes. For example, with the Geo Fleur wallpaper featured, my client wanted the plum and cream colour combination.
Purple with red tones involved, is used to attract more attention/create a statement. But if you then involve with white/cream and you can create neutral, clean and refreshing space as well.

Choose The Right Wallpaper

(Geo Fleur Bedroom Wallpaper, Featured)

Also, Geo was used in my client’s home office. The room was to be light, minimal, and clean looking, as well uplifting, inviting and interesting for when clients came to visit. This is exactly what the mustard yellow, light pink and grey combination, on an off white background achieve.
Choose The Right Wallpaper

(Geo Home Office Wallpaper, featured)

3. Don’t follow trends, create your own style

I’m a big believer to not always follow interior trends when it comes to decorating with wallpaper, or any huge statement feature. Instead, try channeling in to what you love, to create your own personal style.
Instead, you can shop on-trend smaller décor products that are more affordable instead. This is because home accessories are a lot easier to replace/swap around throughout each trending season., because they are more cost effective for this reason.
Trends tend to come and go every 3-6 months, with some being here to stay for a lot longer. Even though trends do change, there is no reason why you can’t take these trends/styles and use as inspiration to creating your own interior personality, if you feel they are right for your decor.
Therefore rather than replacing your wallpaper every new interior year, which is never ideal, you can purchase suited home accessories to change the look (but keeping with your style), in a more affordable and easy way.

Choose The Right Wallpaper

(Image sourced from iStock

4. Create flow throughout your home

One reason to incorporate wallpaper throughout your home that I love, is you can create flow throughout the whole of your home.This is easily achieved by selecting complimenting patterns and colour palettes.
Whether you install wallpaper for a feature wall in each room, or you have more than one patterned wall. You can carry similar wallpaper patterns through each room, which will create a sense of flow throughout your home, as well as being easy on the eye.
This is a particularly useful tip if you have small living spaces.
When I design each collection I tend to have a particular style that can be recognised. This is similar to how other wallpaper companies work as well.
You can use the same wallpaper company for a selection of wallpapers to create flow.
Or colour can be your link to different wallpaper designs and companies, for a sense of flow to occur.

Choose The Right Wallpaper Choose The Right Wallpaper Choose The Right Wallpaper

Choose The Right Wallpaper Choose The Right Wallpaper

5. Combine wallpaper with complimenting accessories

If you involve complimenting interior accessories in your interior design, this will really help bring your wallpaper to life.
This is an ideal opportunity to mix and match different colours, patterns and textures. With this you can create the overall look and style of your room you have been aiming to achieve.
As mentioned at the beginning, search on Pinterest and/or Instagram to create a visual mood board. This is the perfect way to discover what décor accessories, lighting, and textiles you can combine and compliment your feature wallpaper.

Choose The Right Wallpaper

I hope this guide for how to choose the right wallpaper, has helped you.
If you need any further help, or would like to discuss the wallpaper designs I have in my Collection, or Bespoke patterns, please do get in contact.