Happy New Year! I hope you’re settling in to 2019 nicely!

This time of year tends to be when we make our resolutions (or if you’re like me, goal setting) for what we want to achieve for 2019.

Plus start to get back into the work frame of mind, and good health; after a week or two of having fun, eating/drinking what we like.

I went back to work this week, and I must admit it’s been overwhelming due to how full on and busy it’s been. Jam packed with creative ideas and new directions. Plus of course the dreaded tax return!

As well as goal setting and getting back into the swing of things, now is also a good time to think about all things interiors, especially if you work from home. It’s great to start looking at 2019 Trends to decorate an inspiring Home Office, to make you settle in to work more swiftly.

Are there ways you can quickly spruce up the room you work in?

Or can you give this room a brand new look to help you feel refreshed, and ready to start 2019 with confidence and positivity?

As you may know (from viewing my Insta Stories) I have recently decorated my spare bedroom/home office space with my Nest Egg wallpaper, and Pretty Flower Roller Blind. Reason being is because I wanted to design and decorate an inspiring home office to work in.

To make sure the room flows, and compliments these wallpaper and roller blind designs, I have accompanied it with a range of furniture and accessories. These were in need of replacing/updating, to make my home office suit mine and my business’s style.

This was for two reasons;

  1. For me to feel comfortable and inspired to work in this space, because working at home (by yourself), can be more difficult and distracting as it sounds.
  2. For any clients and business meetings that will be based at home. I can ensure the room reflects the look I want people to envisage when they think of the Laura Felicity Brand.

Here are my 7 top items that I think are essential to decorate an inspiring Home Office, based on my Nest Egg wallpaper design. Whilst involving Wayfair products, to help you create a similar look.

Wayfair.co.uk‘s broad range allows you to find just right thing (unique finds for any room).

1. The Desk

Decorate an inspiring Home Office
sCoker Corner Desk, from Wayfair

I’ve been looking for a desk that utilises storage. I love the idea of having a desk that has two areas to it, so it doesn’t compromise desk space. In fact it optimizes it instead.

Having plenty of storage is key with a home office. To file away you work, but also keeping it out of site. It is after all your home as well, and clutter (especially work) is the last thing we want to be surrounded by.

Plus, it’s essential in case you have meetings in your home office, and of course you want make a good impression.

2. Your Chair

Decorate an inspiring Home Office
Diamond Designer Upholstered Dining Chair, from Wayfair

Being comfortable is key, followed by style. Finding a chair that suits you and your comfort levels needs to be taken as the highest priority. We can spend hours sitting down at our desks, and we need to bear in mind that a decent chair that is suitable for your desk (and posture) is taken into consideration.

There aren’t very many stylish looking office chairs currently in the market. However, if you’re at your desk all day everyday, it’s worth the investment of a good stable chair to help with posture and comfort. Even if it’s not the nicest to look at.

If you aren’t tied to your desk a lot throughout the day/week, I like the idea of having a multi-purpose chair that you can use around the house, as well as in your home office. For example a Dining Chair, that you know will give you ultimate comfort.

One thing to bear in mind when you’re decorating an inspiring home office, is looking for accessories that can make you feel homely. Whilst having a purpose for work. Plus, it’s the small finishing touches that help complete the style and atmosphere of the room we are decorating.

3. Lighting

Decorate an inspiring Home Office
Country Walk 51cm Table Lamp, from Wayfair

Especially in the dark winter months, rooms in our home can get dark very easily. Having a table lamp on your desk is a great way to highlight and bring light your work area, on days where they are darker than others.

Plus, if you know your working into the night, using a table lamp, rather than bright ceiling lighting, is a great way to focus and calm the mind down before work comes to a close for the day. Making you feel a little more relaxed after work (hopefully).

4. Shelving

Decorate an inspiring Home Office
Guadalupe Floating Shelf, from Wayfair

Even though your desk may have enough storage space, and you may have other furniture storage around the room. Shelving can also be a great storage area.

Alternatively having a shelf (or two), is a great way to display decorative items that help keep you inspired. It doesn’t have to be for work-based purposes, it can be for helping you keep motivated and focused throughout the day/month/year.

Having homely accessories such as motivational art prints, photographs, house plants, collective objects that bring you wonderful memories and inspiration, are all essential to keeping our work motivation going when working in and decorating an inspiring home office.

5. Plant

Decorate an inspiring Home Office
Scindapsis Desktop Foliage Plant in Pot, from Wayfair

Adding a bit of greenery to your home office, keeps the room looking and feeling fresh. You don’t have to be green fingered at all to have plants in your workspace either.

Artificial plants and flowers are an amazing accessory, because you don’t have to worry at all about killing the poor thing. Instead, just give it a light dust from time to time, whilst creating an inviting and homely feel to your home office.

6. Wall Art

Decorate an inspiring Home Office
‘Monochrome Botanical’ 3 Piece Art Print Set, from Wayfair.
Decorate an inspiring Home Office

If you’re anything like me, having motivation throughout your day is key. And what better way to stay motivated, than to have inspiring wall art around you to help with this, (rather than staring at a blank wall space).

Art Work is a very personal taste; whether it’s an actual art piece, a print, photographs, or even motivational typography.

Hang your chosen wall art on a wall in your home office, or display on a shelf, keeping it within your eye sight to keep the inspiration flowing.

7. Clock

Decorate an inspiring Home Office
London Clock Company, available at Wayfair

I am one to always look at the time, due to the different work tasks I may have to juggle throughout the days. I think it’s a great idea to have on display a clock for yourself, and for others who come round to have meetings in your home office. And also it’s a beautiful additional accessory to compliment your décor that makes this room feel like a workspace.

Please get in contact;

Let me know how you get on with decorating/sprucing up you Home Office. Or need advice with styling any other area of your home.

Plus if you would like to discuss decorating your home with any Laura Felicity products.

This post is written in collaboration with Wayfair. Wayfair.co.uk is affordable, offering value across a range of price points (from budget friendly finds to high-end styles) .