Picking up from the last few blog posts on how our Kitchen Renovation and the Living Room decorating have been coming along. The next jobs to do for both rooms are the finishing touches. This I have absolutely loved to style, including creating the perfect Shelfie.

 Creating The Perfect Shelfie

It may sound weird but I tend to have visions of what I want each finishing touch to look like for each room. Is anyone else like that?
I suppose living here for the last two years I’ve gotten to know what I want in each space. Plus I have researched how to achieve this.
Creating The Perfect ShelfieCreating The Perfect Shelfie Creating The Perfect Shelfie
In both the Kitchen and Living Room there are specific areas that I have wanted to tackle creating the perfect Shelfie area for.
This is because these areas I had in mind are the perfect space for this. Due to either being a difficult corner area that doesn’t have a purpose (yet). Or because it’s a lovely spacious wall, that is in need of attention (that wallpaper can’t fulfill).

Creating The Perfect Shelfie Creating The Perfect Shelfie

After doing some research for what I wanted, I came across some brilliant products from Wayfair to achieve my shelfie ideas.
Wayfair.co.uk is one of the world’s largest online retailers of home furnishings and décor. They offer value across a range of price points (from budget friendly finds to high-end styles) allowing everyone to bring their own vision of a happy home to life.
Which is what I love, because you can mix and match and still keep to your budget.

Our Kitchen Shelfie

For our bare kitchen wall, I wanted to create a real feature statement with a shelf display.
For this I have used Wayfair’s Holly and Martin 4 piece Accent Shelf Set, because it’s contemporary style and colour matches beautifully with my Geo wallpaper.
I worked out how I wanted the shelving to be formed across the wall, and then once they were up, I got styling.
Because the shelves are based in our kitchen I wanted the shelfie to really reflect this area and what we use it for.
I collected a range of items that I have bought over time for this occasion, as well as bought in some beautiful greenery to bring life to the shelves.
Creating the perfect ShelfieCreating The Perfect ShelfieCreating the perfect ShelfieCreating the perfect Shelfie
For each plant (bought at a local garden center) I have found them complimenting pots. Including Wayfair’s Reatha Plant Pot (set of 4). Concrete material and simple in design, they fit beautifully with our kitchen’s contemporary design and the Geo wallpaper.
These plant pots come in a range of colours including white, silver, gold, bronze, grey and black.
I have also used the Dehaan Hammered Plant Pot, in chrome, which works beautifully to display the creeping plant . It’s larger in size, compared to the Reatha Plant Pot set, meaning I could get a variety of plant sizes within my shelf display.
To compliment the plants and their pots, I have used a variety of cook/drink recipe books, cocktail making items, and a Colemans Mustard ceramic pot (sourced from a charity shop!).
An added a personal touch includes a framed photograph of Dominic and I, and one of my Art Prints (from the ‘You Are The’ Collection).
Plus I added a scented candle, because I love lighting them throughout the house in the Autumn/Winter months.
This wall now is the wow-factor I was setting out to achieve and style. The shelfie is the ultimate finishing touch for our new Kitchen Space.
Creating the perfect ShelfieCreating the perfect shelfieCreating the perfect shelfie

Our Living Room Shelfie

In my living room I have a corner that I’ve found very difficult to create a feature out of.
During the Summer I found a corner-shelving unit, which has been perfect for this space. I’ve styled this in a similar way to the kitchen shelving. Instead using a range of items that I associate with our relaxing living room space. Including photographs, candles, and our sound system hidden at the bottom.
Creating The Perfect ShelfieCreating The Perfect Shelfie Creating The Perfect Shelfie
To complete the shelving unit I have been able to style with a variety of plants, where I have sourced some wonderful pots from Wayfair.
Including the Scandinavian Beech Hanger with Pot (the diamond style), which hangs beautifully in between the floating shelf display and the corner unit. I used this to fill the space around the book shelf, to continue on the corner feature area.
On the cluster side tables I have placed in front of our corner shelf unit is a lovely cheese plant. (I’m a little obsessed with these plants!) Which sits perfectly in the chrome Dehaan Hammered Plant Pot.
To compliment the look I have involved my Pretty Flower side lampshade (in Duck Egg Blue). And to fill the space on the other side of the bookshelf is Art Work that my Nana produced during her Fine Art Degree.
This corner area of the living room is now a wonderful space to sit next alongside. Whilst making our home look (and feel) even more inviting for when people come round.

Creating The Perfect ShelfieCreating The Perfect Shelfie

Here are my 5 Top Tips I have learnt creating the perfect Shelfie

Do you find it difficult to create your ideal shelf area?

  • Stay as minimal as possible with selected items. Don’t over crowd the shelf.
  • Only worked in odd numbers when it comes to selecting products. i.e. have 3, 5 or 7 items per shelf. Or along the shelf units.
  • Display products that are complimenting/reflect the room you are in.
  • Create a personal touch, by adding items that have brought you wonderful memories.
  • Play around with different heights for each item along the shelf, to create interest for those admiring your shelf display.

Creating The Perfect ShelfieCreating The Perfect Shelfie
This post is written in collaboration with Wayfair who gifted me most of the products used.
Wayfair.co.uk‘s broad range enables shoppers to find just the right thing (unique, great quality finds for any room).
Thank you for your continued support for what I do creatively within our home.