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At the beginning of this year I took on an amazing Bespoke Wallpaper Project for a Private Residential Client. It has been my biggest and most successful project to date. Which I want to share this project with you.

 bespoke wallpaper project

There were many steps that I went through with this project, and most importantly completed each step with my client in mind.

Whenever I take on any interior project, whether it’s lighting, window blinds or wallpaper, I always want to make sure I guide my clients through each step of the way. Rather than taking an order, and then handing it over when finished.

My end goal is obviously to create a beautiful product.

But knowing my clients are happy through each step of the journey and are getting what they envisaged, is key for me.

This is no exception when I work on a Bespoke Wallpaper Project.

bespoke wallpaper projectbespoke wallpaper projectbespoke wallpaper project

In The Beginning…

It all begins with a meet up. Either in person or over the wonders of FaceTime/Skype, depending on the location of the project.

This particular bespoke project was only 40 minutes away from me in Hertfordshire. Which was ideal, because I was able to visit my client’s home in person. I was able to find out about what it is from this bespoke wallpaper project what they were after.Plus get to know them a little more.

I also take my wallpaper portfolio with me, to show what projects I have worked on. As well as how I can potentially work for them/show they what my style is like.

bespoke wallpaper projectbespoke wallpaper project


Most clients have an idea in their mind of what they would like to have designed when it comes to a bespoke pattern.

This was the same for this particular couple. They were inspired by hotel interior décor, and wanted to have that same feel throughout their home. Clean, fresh, yet inviting.

The couple wanted me to design a bespoke wallpaper pattern that could be installed in their hallway, stairs and landing space.

Their brief was to bring colour and pattern to their home, without being too overwhelmed by both.

Their home is minimal in colour; with white walls, beautiful wooden flooring throughout, and spot lit everywhere. To create warmth they used splashes of colour incorporated within patterned and tactile interior fabrics, such as cushions, lighting, throws and curtains.

bespoke wallpaper project bespoke wallpaper project bespoke wallpaper project


The bespoke wallpaper design they wanted was inspired by Folklore/Native American designs and Mandala patterns.

Whilst keeping in mind my client’s minimal and fresh feel décor that they have flowing throughout their home.

I set out to design a bespoke wallpaper print to create a main focus and be more art-like around their home, rather than a repeat pattern design throughout.

This would keep their brief and vision on the right path. Therefore the use of the negative space around each print design was equally important to the client. Just as the colours and pattern they wanted to involve.

With this knowledge I set about designing, and I always like to give my client options. My client had an initial three patterns to choose from. With each bespoke wallpaper project every pattern is sketched out first. Then once approved hand drawn to scale afterwards.

I worked with them to adjust the patterns to what they wanted, and when they were happy the scale up drawings began.

The scale of each print was carefully taken into consideration and revised, to make sure the client was happy with their art focused pattern.

All in all, each step from sketch to pattern design draw up involves my client every step of the way. To create their perfect bespoke wallpaper project.

bespoke wallpaper project bespoke wallpaper project bespoke wallpaper project

Next up is choosing the colours!

In the meantime, come and read more about one of my other bespoke wallpaper projects over on the blog, that I took on for Essendon Country Club in 2016.