5 Top Tips to Decorate a Romantic Bedroom


Are you thinking of decorating your bedroom this year?

Why not decorate in time for Valentine’s Day? The most romantic day of the year.

Below are my helpful 5 Top Tips to decorate a romantic bedroom, for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

5 Top Tips to Decorate a Romantic Bedroom

With under a month before the most romantic day of the year, now is a great time to think about decorating your bedroom. To create a romantic and stress free space for you and your other half.

There are a few quick and easy ways you can achieve this. Whether you are adding new interior accessories, or refreshing your colour palette.

This blog post is here to gives you 5 Top Tips to decorate a romantic bedroom. Making it a happy place to spend time with your other half.


1. Lighting

Lighting is an essential accessory for the bedroom, in my eyes. Subtle lit lighting is the perfect way to create romance, without having to think about being a cheesy romantic, with hearts and flowers galore.

  • Having a dimmer switch to create low lit lighting is ideal, because you are able to control the main light’s brightness.
  • Using fairy lights around the bed frame, around the window area, or within a large glass jar, is a quick and easy way to achieve romantic lighting.
  • Also, think about using a lampshade side light on either side of your bed, to create a soft lit atmosphere. This creates a romantic environment, as well as a relaxing one.

Currently the Pretty Flower Lampshades in Vintage Pink (Luxury Edition), are on sale for £21. Two of these to match your bedside tables, is a perfect lighting touch to set the romantic mood.

5 Top Tips to Decorate a Romantic Bedroom


2. Decorative Cushions

Introduce new decorative cushions to be placed on your bed. Cushions are a wonderful way to make your bed look comfy and inviting. Build the area up with a mixture of sizes, colour and pattern.

Keep in mind odd numbers, as this always look best when it comes to styling a room.

I would recommend trying 3-5 cushions at first, and then build from there if needs be.

How many decorative cushions you use, depends on the look of the room. As well as thinking how much time you will spend taking the cushions on and off the bed!

The Dotty Bird Cushions, featured below are £52, with three complimenting colours to choose from.

5 Top Tips to Decorate a Romantic Bedroom

(Featured; Dotty Bird cushions)


3. Colour

Just because it’s Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean you have to go pink to decorate your bedroom, especially if the other half isn’t a fan.

However, the colour pink is moving away from it’s stereotypical ways. Used properly with complimenting colours, pink can create warmth (after all it is just faded red!) and a calm atmosphere for you to relax and unwind in.

Remember there are different hues and tones of pink, it’s not all about your Barbie, or Bubble Gum pink. I particularly love dusky and light pink tones.

I would recommend starting with small touches of pink in your accessories, such as cushions, side lampshades, and framed art.

If pink really isn’t for you, lavender and light purple hues, are brilliant as a happy medium to try also for a romantic and calm environment.

The Pretty Flower Collection has a beautiful Vintage Pink colour option. Perfect for subtle romance in the bedroom.


5 Top Tips to Decorate a Romantic Bedroom

(Featured; Pretty Flower cushions, lampshade & wallpaper)

4. Pattern

In relation to the previous tip, adding a mixture of pattern to the bedroom is another brilliant way to bring in those romantic, pink colours. It’s especially relevant when purchasing decorative cushions or adding framed art to your walls.

Mixing different patterns with similar colour palettes, is a wonderful way to bring in colour, tone and texture to the room.

It also gives the room depth.

Different accessories are a great way to combine romantic patterns, with not so romantic. This creates clever and subtle romance.

For example the Pretty Flower pattern, combined with the Dotty Bird design takes away its ‘pretty’ floral edge.

Using the similar colour tones keeps the room feeling romantic. Especially when using light warm colours, such as pink.

5 Top Tips to Decorate a Romantic Bedroom

5. Atmosphere

Setting a romantic mood is all about atmosphere.

Along with adding new decorative features to change the feel of the room, it’s also important to make sure your room is clean and tidy.

The most unromantic thing is to walk into a room that has clothes and chaos everywhere. It’s untidy, and unwelcoming.

This automatically creates stress, leaving no room for romance and relaxation.

I find putting items away and tidying up as you go along, the easiest way to keep a room stress free.

It also saves you time!


So there you have it, these are my 5 Top Tips to Decorate a Romantic Bedroom for Valentine’s Day, and beyond.

If you would like any help in decorating your bedroom for 2017, with the Laura Felicity Design’s products and services, please get in touch.

I would love to help in any way I can to creating a bedroom that’s romantic, relaxing and calm for you and the other half.

Best Wishes,