With Valentines Day this coming Tuesday, why not spend this weekend getting your home ready for the most romantic day of the year.

Something simple and handmade is the perfect way to bring a subtle, romantic theme within a room. Like these DIY Paper Heart Decorations.

DIY Paper Heart Decorations

You will need;

Patterned/coloured card or thick paper, a pencil, scalpel, ruler, cutting mat, Pritt Stick (a stapler and/or double sided tape, in case Pritt Stick doesn’t hold everything together.)

The Laura Felicity Design wallpaper samples are perfect for this activity. I’ve used Geo for this particular feature.

How to make your DIY Paper Heart Decorations

Step 1-4:

  • Measure and cut 6 strips of your chosen card, or thick paper into 2cm width x 21 cm length strips (1&2)
  • Glue one end of 3 strips together, facing the colour or pattern card all the same way. (3)
  • Repeat with the remaining three, creating two piles of three strips.

DIY Paper Heart Decorations

  • Face the two piles together and glue to join. (4)

Step 5-8:

  • Next hold the glued stem and divide the six strips in half, bending three strips either side. (5)
  • Choose one side to start with, take the bottom strip and bend to meet the glued beginning. (6)
  • Take the second strip and repeat, leaving a gap between this strip and the bottom. (7)
  • Take the third/ top strip and bend to meet the glued fold, ensuring both ends meet. (8)

DIY Paper Heart Decorations

Step 9-12:

  • With the bottom and middle strips, fold over where they meet the glued beginning. Release all three strips. (9)
  • In turn, starting with the bottom strip, glue each strip to the beginning end. Forming tear shapes.
  • Once glued the third strip in place, repeat on the other side. Lining up the strips to the first side, ensuring both sides are even.
  • With the four excess flaps, cut off the two top flaps. (10)
  • Glue the 2 remaining flaps together, and keep. (10)
  • Repeat the same process to create more hearts. (11)

DIY Paper Heart Decorations

  • With the long flaps, glue the end (each side) and slot into the top of each heart, to form a chain. Cut the stem to size, if you need to. (12)
  • To create a handle, cut a 1cm width strip x 21cm length, bend and glue end to end. (12)
  • Glue the joint either side, and place in the top of the first heart.

DIY Paper Heart Decorations

This DIY Paper Heart Decoration makes a perfect decoration to hang on door and window handles, within a room in your home.

Subtle, yet romantic.

Plus it’s a great craft activity to do with your children and teenagers.

There are also other alternatives you can try:

  • Create hearts with 1, 2 or even 4 layer strips.
  • Connect the hearts together side by side to create a larger hanging decoration. (below)

DIY Paper Heart Decorations

  • Create a hanging garland, stringing hearts together.
  • Add stamp prints onto the plain sides of the hearts, creating your own pattern design. (below)

DIY Paper Heart Decorations

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