This month I’m very excited to have Guest Blogger Lucy Curtis, from The Colour Club.  I recently connected with Lucy through Twitter, as I was intrigued by her business, Interiors Colour Psychology!
Since, we have had a wonderful natter on Skype.  I have learnt how colour plays a huge part in our everyday lives.  Surprisingly it’s something we can get wrong when it comes to decorating.
Something I knew you would be fascinated with hearing about too.
I will leave Lucy to give further insight…

  Interiors Colour Psychology  Interiors Colour Psychology

Welcome to you all.

I was delighted when the lovely Laura at Laura Felicity Design contacted me, asking if I would like to contribute to her wonderful website.  Offering my insights into the world of colour and Applied Colour Psychology for interiors.

Thank you Laura.

Did you know colour is an intrinsic part of our designing process.

The highly renowned Dean Keyworth (Ex President of the British Institute of Interior Design, and Interior Designer at Armstrong Keyworth) recently told me;

“The choice of colour, as well as being one of my favourite parts of the design process, is a crucial element of any scheme I do”.

  Interiors Colour PsychologyInteriors Colour Psychology

Involving Interiors Colour Psychology

As many of you will already know, colour influences how we feel, behave and interact with others.  It can affect our mental, physical and emotional health and well-being.

Getting colour right for the first time can be tricky.

Do you follow a trend?
Use a colour you have seen in a friend’s home?
Find colour from a magazine?
All of these methods do work, yet it’s a risky method to take.
Interiors Colour Psychology
Many Interior Designers instinctively put colour palettes together emulating their style and influences within your space.
Working with an Applied Colour Psychology Specialist like myself, helps you achieve a positive, harmonious colour palette;

Ensuring the colours chosen for your space are influencing your feelings and mood in the way you want them to.  Giving you a colour palette which resonates entirely with your personality.

Top Tip!

There are 2 main elements which need to be considered when choosing colours for your home or even your workspace:

Your personality and the behaviours you wish to evoke in your chosen space.

It is only then, that you can determine the colour which would work for you; now and for the future.

Interiors Colour Psychology

How The Colour Club works

I have worked with numerous clients in different ways, there are no fixed boundaries when it comes to Interiors Colour Psychology.

Some have contacted me looking for help with their colour choice alone.
Others for design and colour support.  Contacting me to help them understand why they don’t feel satisfied with what they have already, and what they should do to solve the problem.
I also work with clients assisting them with branding, colour in care homes and other shared residences.

Lucy’s ability to interpret through colours what we wanted to get from the space was fantastic. The hall stairs and landing have been transformed from a boring cream to a warm, inviting and welcoming green and antique white combinationThe design and placement of the two colours works fantastically well. We’ve received very positive feedback from everyone that has visited our home since decorating the area.  Overall saying how the colours bring more to our home.”

If you would like to see any of my work in further detail then please feel welcome to follow the link to my website You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
I am looking forward to working with you and Laura, Following The Journey of Colour. 
Interiors Colour Psychology