Moving & Decorating. Do You Find It Stressful?

This Summer I didn’t have the opportunity to go away on holiday. Instead we have moved house, and are taking it on as a home design project!
Some say moving home is one of the most stressful events we experience in life.
I have to say I found the process okay. We tried to be strategic, sticking to a good plan on how the move will happen throughout the days.

Home Design Project

(Living Room)

And I think it worked; a couple of heated moments here and there, but I think it’s fair to say that’s normal.

I have found it’s what comes after the move that is more stressful (for me).
The unpacking, sorting out what can go where, and living in chaos and mess until everything has found it’s new place, was worse for me.

We have bought a lovely house in the beautiful countryside that is in need of a cosmetic makeover, because the decor was not really to our taste. It was a little dated to be fair.

Home Design Project

(Master Bedroom)

We spent the first two weeks after getting the keys, painting over the yellow, orange, peach, green and red colour walls with white emulsion.

(I feel I’ve just sung parts of The Rainbow Song to you.)

And hanging lining paper around on walls, that needed it. Plus, moving in our essential furniture pieces and white goods.

We are now living in a blank canvas, with a lot of decoration ideas flowing through my mind.
As a result I can’t wait to get started.

Home Design Project

(Dining Area)

Rather than rushing to decorate straight away, we want to live in the space first. Because we really want to focus on how to maximise and invest in our new home’s full potential.

It’s fair to say we are treating this house as a property portfolio, an interior decorating and home design project.

Furthermore, we are going to use the Laura Felicity Design products to showcase the different collections, within a variety of areas around the home.
Combining the products with other designer and high street items, along with bargain and one-off finds.

It’s a great way to show how you can take one design and vary it in a number of ways. Depending on you colour palette, personal style and, of course budget.

I am really looking forward to showing you this, as the project unfolds.

In the meantime if you would like any advice on how to Get The Look with the Laura Felicity Design Collection for your home, please get in touch.

I would love to help through my Interior Decorating Service.

Home Design Project

(Second Bedroom)

Can’t wait to see how our home design project unfolds?
Then make sure you come back to the blog every Friday for #LauraLoves.