Beautifully Bespoke & On Brand.

Earlier this year (2016) Laura Felicity Design was asked to design and print wallpaper and lighting for Essendon Country Club’s Bespoke Commission, based in Hertfordshire.

Their Ladies Changing Room was in need of a make over, and Laura Felicity Design was asked create a beautifully bespoke and on brand design. To flow throughout the room, and potentially into other areas of the club.

Essendon Country Club's Bespoke Commission

The Brief

Originally a room with pure white walls and harsh strobe lights, I was asked to design wallpaper and lighting that would create a feminine touch.

As a result making the changing room feel more relaxed, inviting, and exclusive for the lady golf members.
Essendon Country Club's Bespoke Commission

The Design

Feeling inspired by the Essendon Country Club logo, I designed a versatile repeat pattern featuring two colourways.
Creating the ideal opportunity for Essendon Country Club to have a logo inspired wallpaper. Furthermore I involved the brand colours within the Ladies Changing Room seating area. Therefore tying the room together.
Because of this, it was ideal for creating a calming environment, as if the lady members were at home.
As well as being beautifully bespoke & on brand, it is exactly what Essendon’s Country Club’s Bespoke Commission brief was about.
Essendon Country Club's Bespoke Commission
Essendon Country Club's Bespoke Commission

The Feature Wallpaper

Firstly, we wallpapered two main feature walls within the changing room. We also selected a few walls to paint in a complimenting Farrow and Ball (Cornforth White). To soften the tone of the remaining white walls.
In addition, if you wallpaper selected wall areas throughout a home, or commercial area, in the same pattern and colour, this can create a sense of flow and continuity throughout the room.
As well as creating a featured statement with a difference, while not being over the top with a wall pattern.

The Lighting

Another perfect addition to the Essendon Country Club’s Bespoke Commission, was to take full advantage of the high ceilings in the Ladies Changing Room.

Essendon Country Club's Bespoke Commission

The logo pattern I designed was hand screen printed onto 100% linen. Lining the inside of large bespoke ceiling shades.

A dark linen fabric was chosen for the outside of the light to match the ceiling shades, because this style was found elsewhere around the Country Club.

As a result this created a gorgeous contemporary style to these bespoke ceiling light features.

Essendon Country Club's Bespoke Commission

If you’re in the Hertfordshire area, you have to pop along to see Essendon Country Club’s Bespoke Commission.

Make sure you have a spot of lunch with the family, or a catch up cup of tea with a friend.

As well as take a peak into the Ladies Changing Room. Especially to see the beautifully bespoke and on-brand wallpaper and ceiling lights in person.

Do you have a bespoke wallpaper, or interior project in mind?

Because it would be lovely to help you get your home, and business looking beautifully bespoke for the Christmas Season.

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