Our Living Room Wallpaper Project


Now it’s time to (finally) show you our living room wallpaper project.

You would have read last month about our Living Room decorating project, where I finally got my hands on the discoloured lining paper walls, and began to give the whole room a well-deserved make-over. If you missed this, or fancy a re-read, here’s the link.

Living Room Wallpaper

After I painted this living room, it was time to decorate with wallpaper – my favourite part! Because this is where I started to see the vision I had for this room come to life.

I knew from the get go for decorating our Living Room, I wanted to use my Pretty Flower wallpaper. This was my first ever wallpaper design, and I love it. It has a pearlescent pigment in the ink I screen print with to make the pattern print shimmer, as different lights hit the wallpaper.

Our living room gets a variety of light throughout the day, and it seemed ideal to show off Pretty Flower’s main feature.

Plus, I’ve had a lot of compliments about this wallpaper from my clients, and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about! I chose it as a living room wallpaper, instead of a bedroom, which a fair few of my clients have done, because I wanted to show this wallpaper in a different space. And how this can be successfully achieved.

Our Living Room Wallpaper

Our Living Room Wallpaper

Our Living Room Wallpaper

Our Living Room Wallpaper

We selected two complimenting wall paints from Dulux Paint; Mint Macaroon and Jade White. Which both suit the duck egg colour option that the Pretty Flower wallpaper comes in.

Which goes hand in hand with the Jasmine White, Satin Wood paint (from Dulux) we have used to paint the stair banisters, which were originally brown!

Our Living Room Wallpaper

Our Living Room Wallpaper

Our Living Room Wallpaper


I absolutely love putting up my own wallpaper. One reason being is I get to personally understand the paper and how it works when putting it up. This is great for when I feedback to clients on how the wallpaper works for installing; what the pros are, and what to bear in mind.

The second reason is because I love doing all things DIY myself…or at least giving it a go. I love learning, and discovering how to take on a new skill, and for some reason I have found this love with decorating. Especially with the whole home refurbishment this year.

The beauty about my Pretty Flower wallpaper (apart of from being hand screen printed), is that each wallpaper project is prepared as made to measure panels.

This makes the installation process easier for people when it comes to hanging.


Because I have done all the hard work for you. I have;

  • Worked out the pattern repeat across the paper.
  • Cut the panels to size (with an excess amount), meaning there’s no need to worry about cutting up the wallpaper to (height) size and getting it wrong.
  • Therefore you create a limited amount of paper wastage! What could be better.

Our Living Room Wallpaper

Our Living Room Wallpaper

What’s next?

With the living room wallpaper installed, we are pretty much complete with our living room decor now. (Apart from styling for Christmas!)

I have just ordered and are waiting on the made to measure Geo Fleur Roller Blind I want for the living room window too.

Plus there are a few framed prints and photographs…and maybe a mirror feature near the stairs that I want to hang up.

This is all (hopefully) going to get sorted before the Festive Season is upon us.

Make sure you stay tuned for some lovely styled photos of our living room.

Our Living Room Wallpaper

If in the meantime you have felt inspired about my home refurbishment, and would like help with your home decorating/styling. Or have an enquiry about any of my interior products I have used within my home, please get in contact!