I have recently completed a Pretty Flower wallpaper feature wall for a lovely couple’s bedroom, in Dusky Lavender. Which happens to be a beautiful way to involve flowers within your home.

 flowers within your home

It was installed on the wall behind their bed, just in time for Spring to come into season. Brightening up their room. (Photos coming soon!)

A floral feature wall is the perfect way to involve flowers within your home, no matter what the season.

This recent project did remind me though, that Pretty Flower is one of my perfect designs to use in your home, to decorate for Springtime.

Flowers within your home

Spring Florals are this season’s must have trend and there are numerous ways to involve a pretty flower pattern within your home. Especially with the soft pastel colour palette I have created for this design, you can get creative in how you go about incorporating with any complimenting decor.

Plus, there are good health benefits to involve flowers within your home. In this blog’s case, I think the use of floral interiors work just as well as a beautiful bouquet. Minus the lovely fragrant smell.

flowers within your home

Did you know to involve flowers within your home, it creates;

  1. Energy

    Studies have shown involving flowers within your home is a brilliant way to boost positivity, your energy, and enthusiasm. You are apparently more likely to carry optimistic energy too. Plus, combining pretty florals with the use of colour can also impact our energy levels. It’s worth considering the use of colour in each room, and how this small detail can play a big part with your energy. Find out about Interiors Colour Psychology further, from the guest blog feature, I featured here last May (2016).

  2. A Mood Booster

    Similar to your energy, involving flowers within your home, can help with morning blues. Instead you feel more relaxed, and helps to take the edge off of your stress. Meaning you are less likely to feel worried, and even have fewer periods of anxiety or depression.

  3. Creativity

    Flowers are known to spark creativity, while promoting concentration. Hence, involving florals within your kids bedroom, is ideal. Looking at flowers can grow your (and your kids) imagination, help with inspiration and, even encourage responsibility. Therefore if you want your kid to start tidying their room after you’ve asked them for the hundredth time, try decorating with florals, and see what happens.

  4. Productivity

    To brighten up your work space, make sure you place some fabulous florals in there. Not only will your feel more creative, you will also get a lot more done. Because flowers help improve your concentration and productivity. Imagine how much work you could get through in one day, with Pretty Flower or Geo Fleur wallpaper, or home accessories around you. 

  5. Inspiring decor 

    Overall flowers within your home have a very positive attribute to play within each room’s decor, and your life. With the Psychology aside, they generally brighten up your day. They make you feel good about your living space and yourself. That’s something to smile about. Consequently why wouldn’t you want to involve floral interior decor, after reading the four reasons above? 

Flowers within your home

Right, I’m off to decorate my home with all things floral now.

If you are looking for ways to involve flowers within you home as more of permanent feature, rather than a beautiful bouquet, please get in touch.

Flowers within your home

Have a look at the wonderful Laura Felicity Design Collections to see which pattern you would love to decorate with.

Additionally contact me anytime to discuss your decorating needs, from small enhancements to refurbishment projects.

We can work together to help you Get The Look for your home. Whether you’re unsure how to use my interior products, or how to create style you’re trying to achieve.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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