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Can you believe we are already half way through the Summer Holidays? Meaning, before we know it in a couple of weeks time, our little ones will be going Back To School for the start of a brand new academic year.

Soon all your lovely holidays and trips away will be over, and the fun activities will start to wind down.

Back To School

As you know, it’s then the time to start thinking about the long list of ‘things’ your child needs to go back to school with.

New Uniform – check

New school shoes – check

New PE kit – check

New School Bag – check

New Stationery – check

New Pencil Case – check

Speaking of stationery and pencil cases, did you know the Laura Felicity Design Travel Cosmetic Bag Collection makes the perfect School Storage solutions?

Back To School

Multi-purpose Travel Cosmetic Bag Collection

Is your child or teen is wanting something that can fit all their stationery in, not just their pens and pencils? Then these multi purpose bags and purses are the answer you’ve been looking for.

There are three different sizes, pattern designs, and colours to choose from. The Travel Cosmetic Bag Collection can hold and store all your child’s essentials for when they return back to school for a new school year.

Back To School

Purse (£12)

This gift is ideal for storing small stationery accessories in. Including rubbers, sharpeners, pens, pencils.

Additionally it’s a great size to fit any loose money in for school lunches, keys for when they walk home, and even their phone. (Laura’s iPhone 6 has been tried and tested for this product.)

As a result all your child’s essentials can therefore be kept safe in one place, inside their school bag.

Back To School


Back To School

Make Up Bag (£15)

I’m sure your teen especially would love to put her make up in here, and why not. It’s a great gift for their next Birthday/Christmas present. 

But this type of bag does have other uses. Because of its size, more stationery can fit into this bag, including a calculator, Maths tools; set square, protractor, small ruler (15cm length).

And perhaps a few art drawing materials as well; pencils, pastels, drawing inks, brushes etc. If the art materials are placed in this bag it’s worth making sure they are all dry/clean, or in a container of some sort to prevent the bag getting dirty or stained too quickly.*

*Each Travel Cosmetic Bag Collection is machine washable.

Back To School

Travel Pouch (£19)

The largest bag out of the three and is ideal for storing notebooks, your child’s homework diary, and even an iPad mini, or any gadget to this size. (Again, Laura’s iPad mini has tried and tested this product.)

Plus if they are a budding artist, this is a brilliant size case to fit all their art materials in.

Or (away from school) if your teen is have a sleep over at a friend’s house, this is a perfect product to put all their travel accessories in. Including their tooth brush, hair brush, skin cleanser and face cream etc.

Back To School

Therefore there are many ways for your child or teen to make use of any, if not all of the three available bags and purses.

Plus with the price staying under £20, they make a perfect gift idea. Just in time for when your little one heads back to school in September.

Shop for the Travel Cosmetic Bags here.

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