It’s been nearly one year since the launch of the Laura Felicity Design Window Blinds. Throughout I’ve seen the blinds be produced for some beautiful homes, to create a fabulous interior feature within each client’s room. Additionally I’ve realised there are great benefits of window blinds being installed in the home.

benefits of window blinds

We are attracted to window blinds, because they are a great way to bring pattern into a room, creating a feature focus. Furthermore, did you know they have great advantages for your home as well.

Benefits of Window Blinds

I have come up with 6 main benefits of window blinds, to show you how wonderful they are for your windows;

  1. Easy to install and maintain.

    Each window blind you purchase from Laura Felicity Design comes with the all fixtures you need to install it. Plus we include step by step guidelines. Making the hanging easy for you to do, with as little stress as possible. Furthermore, once the blind is up, it’s very easy to maintain. You simply need to take a cloth to the fabric and wipe down every 1-3 months, to get rid of any dust that may be on there. Making the window blinds hassle free, so you can enjoy the pattern.

  2. Control the light entering each room.

    Opting for either a Roman Blind or Roller Blind within the Laura Felicity Design Collection, guarantees the same thing; how much you can control the amount of light to enter your room. With our window blind service, you have a choice of either Blackout or Standard linings. With either option, each window blind is adjustable in length. Navigating your window blinds up or down, enables you to control the light that enters the room. This is a lot easier than curtains, where you either have them open or closed to control the light.

  3. Extra privacy.

    Similar to how adjusting the length of the window blinds controls the amount of light you want in your room, it also helps with extra privacy in your home. Especially with the standard lining option, you can have the blind down as much as you need to prevent anyone from looking into you home. Whilst having a beautiful pattern to look at. The standard lining still lets a certain amount light through, to not let the room appear too dark all the time.

  4. Not just for Windows.

    One project I had last year was to create a Pretty Flower blind to be hung onto a door. This particular door had a frosted glass window, which was leading into the bathroom. To create additional privacy, (and of course to create a pretty feature) my clients had a roller blind installed on the inside of the door. Do you have a door with a window feature dividing different rooms, or perhaps your back door/s that need a little privacy added to them? Think about how a window blind can be worthwhile.

  5. Clean, minimal & stylish.

    One thing I love about having window blinds, is how they are flush to your window space. They look clean, fresh and minimal. There is no extra room needed for fabric to hang down, or to be tied back either side of the window. This is particularly great if you have a lack of space around your window frame. This makes window blinds ideal for minimalist lifestyle looks and trends, whilst suiting a range of interior styles. If you are looking to dress your window area up in some way, you can involve a sheer curtain to fall either side of your blind. Creating a stylish feature around the window, and keeping your clean, fresh and minimal look.

  6. Variety of designs and colour.

    The Laura Felicity Design Window Blind Collection has five different designs to match our wallpapers and home accessories. There is plenty of choice available, because each of the five designs have a variety of colour options as well. Come and view what Laura Felicity Design has to offer, over on the online shop. Fabric samples are available upon request. Do you have a particular colour in mind to suit the interiors if your room? Which you can’t see over in the shop. We can work together to match particular colours to suit your existing decor. Have a read of my first Window Blinds blog to find out more, and get in touch.

benefits of window blinds

As we enter Spring, now is the perfect time to think about the benefits of window blinds. Here at Laura Felicity Design we provide a Made to Measure Service, to create the perfect window feature for any room you are decorating.

Benefits of Window Blinds

As you have seen there is plenty of choice to choose from within the Collection. However if you can’t find what you’re looking for, how about going bespoke? Where we can design you your ideal pattern onto window blinds.

Love the sound of this? Let’s have a talk about this further.

I look forward to hearing from you to help you Get The Look for your windows.

Let me know what you think about my 6 Benefits of Window Blinds blog feature, and if you have found this useful.

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