Tips for working from home

Over the last 11 weeks the majority of us have been working from home as our  ‘new normal’. Here are my tips for working from home, which I’ve used to set up my Home Office. That have therefore helped me to be able to work from home efficiently.

Where are you working in your home?

Home Office Styling
Tips for working from home

Whether you have a dedicated room, or an area of your home you’re setting up to work, there are a few things to take on board to help you keep your focus and to get the most out of your day.

It’s really easy to get distracted at home, there’s always something to do that’s not work related.

Last year I wrote a blog for Wayfair sharing my top tips on how to create/decorate an inspiring work space, (which the blog link to read is here);

Here are highlights from this past Blog;


1) THE DESK – Make sure you have a dedicated desk space/area that you can go to everyday, whether that’s in your home office, or dining room table.

2) THE CHAIR – Make sure you have a suitable chair that is comfy but supportive for your posture.

3) LIGHTING – Make sure you have decent light around you, whether that’s natural or artificial.

4) SHELVING – Although shelving is great for storage of work things you may need quickly to hand. Do think about creating a styled shelf using accessories that inspire and uplift you for you to keep motivated and focused.

5) PLANTS – Bring the outside in using either real or artificial plants. This will uplift the space your working in and if they are real they, will help with the indoor air quality.

Tips for working from home

Do try these simple tips, and let me know how you get on, below.

Home Offices during this time can be seen as a luxury. Or maybe only one family member is able to use it.

Therefore any space available at home to work, could be important to utilise.

Tips for working from home
Featured; Laura Felicity’s Nest Egg Fabric

Here are some small space ideas at home you could use to set up work stations/areas;

•Under the stairs.

•In your hallway or landing, if there’s room for this of course.

•In the kitchen/open dining area.

•Corner of your living room.

•Walk in Wardrobe/closet area/dressing table.

•TRY TO AVOID your bedroom, as it needs to be kept as your a restful, calm space to help you sleep.

•BUT your spare bedroom could be ideal, if it’s not in use.

Featured; Laura Felicity’s Dotty Bird Wallpaper
Tips for working from home
Featured; Laura Felicity’s Dotty Bird Wallpaper

My Top Tips for utilising small spaces for your working from home office;

1) Research into clever storage.

2) Invest in shelving where possible.

3) Try to select an area of your home that doesn’t already have a purpose/get used much. This could be a corner of a room,that you’ve even been meaning to change for a while.

4) If you can’t do the above, then give rooms a double purpose, i.e. if you need to work at the dining room table / kitchen for example, try and create a ‘disguise’ for that area after work so you psychologically unwind/walk away from your office, whilst still being able to use the room for the rest of your day.

5) Keep your work area clean and tidy to help with productivity throughout your working day.

Featured: Laura Felicity’s Geo Wallpaper
Featured; Laura Felicity’s Geo Wallpaper
Featured; Laura Felicity’s Geo Wallpaper

What area of your home are you and your family having to use whilst working from home;
Do you have a home office?
Or are you all making use of other areas around your home? (Anything different from what’s mentioned above?)
Let me know below, as I’d love to know what you’re having to do.

Home Office Styling
Featured; Laura Felicity’s Pretty Flower Fabric, and Nest Egg Fabric

If you would like some help and advice in decorating and styling your home and home office space, Get In Contact here.

Because I’d love to help you create a home that’s a haven for you and your family at this time during lockdown – and beyond.

Home definitely is where the heart is, as I believe it should be.

In the meantime for some home office styling inspiration, head over to my Pinterest Board ‘Home Office Ideas’ here.

Home Office Styling
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