The Profile Chair from MADE in Topaz Linen, is this week’s #LauraLoves.

An enlightening compliment to the Dotty Bird Lampshade, in Teal, is the Profile Chair from MADE, and it’s my #LauraLoves this week.
This Autumn weather is gradually becoming colder. Due to this, one thing I think is important as we walk through door, is making sure your home feels warm and inviting. For yourself and your loved ones.
In addition, this can easily created first of all with lampshades and low lit lighting. Such as the Dotty Bird Lampshade.
Profile Chair from MADE
While lampshades are the perfect interior accessory to enhance the feeling of warmth a cosiness at home. What use is that by itself? Unless you have a gorgeous and comfy chair to cosy into as well, to snuggle into. Like the Profile Chair from MADE.
Because this then makes the relaxed and warm feeling we all crave during these cold months, become a reality.
Profile Chair from MADE
It’s as if the Dotty Bird Lampshade in Teal, and the Profile Chair from MADE, in Topaz Linen were made for each other.
Their colour palettes work beautifully together. Not an exact colour match, but a complimenting one. Furthermore, this is perfect for adding different tones of colour to a room.
Furthermore, this is a perfect opportunity to play with style, colour and print within your interior space.
I can just imagine having the Profile Chair in an area of a room, with a beautiful side table beside it.
Then, I place the Dotty Bird Lampshade on top of the side table to make a perfect area to read, draw, or relax in.
Illuminating the room with subtle lighting, to help me relax and unwind after a long day.

Profile Chair from MADE

There are a few of ideal locations to style within your home with the Dotty Bird Lampshade and Profile Chair from MADE;

  • Let’s focus on your family living space. Would your living room or dining room benefit from having an area with cosy chair? It may be you mix your sofas with the single chair, for when guests come over. Or have by your book case, away from the television.
  • How about you bedroom? Perhaps there’s an area that would be ideal for creating a calm and relaxing space to relax in. That’s also lit up with beautiful lighting.
  • How about creating a beautiful and calm area in your baby’s nursery? As a result helping those tiring late night feeds.

The Profile Chair from MADE is beautiful piece of furniture, retailing at £399.
Plus it’s available in two other colours; Amber and Slate.
All three colours fit perfectly with the Dotty Bird Lampshade range, and its available colourways.
The Dotty Bird Lampshade is available in three colours also, and comes in three different sizes. Bespoke sizes can also be discussed.
You can purchase from the online website, or Not On The High Street.
Would you like any help designing your bedroom or living room for Autumn/Winter? Combining Laura Felicity Design products and #LauraLoves items.
Please get in touch.