In time for Shrove Tuesday I have found some great Pancake Day Recipes, for everyone to enjoy. From savoury, to sweet fillings. Plus a couple of ideas for gluten free alternatives, which you must give a try.
Whether you eat pancakes once a year, or throughout, these Pancake Day Recipes are sure to get your mouth watering.

Pancake Day RecipesStarter

The thought of having loads of pancakes in one night, isn’t for everyone.
Making a small snack, or even starter before your main meal is a great alternative, whilst treating yourself on Shrove Tuesday.

Like these Spring onion fritters with garlic and smoked paprika mayonnaise, from Tesco Real Food.

Pancake Day Recipes


I’m a sweet pancake eater at heart. But over the years I have started to love a savoury pancake (or two).
Personally, I think a creamy filling is best for these style of pancakes. Creating a Cannelloni style recipe. It’s only one day a year, why not spoil yourself.
You can create fillings with meat, including chicken, and pancetta, (see the pancake Day Recipes below).
Or try pescatarian or vegetarian alternatives, with the ingredients of your choice.

Pancake Day Recipes

Chicken and leek pancakes, from Good To Know Blog

Pancake Day Recipes

Creamy chicken, spinach and pancetta pancakes, from Delicious. Magazine


As mentioned before I absolutely love a sweet pancake. On Pancake Day I tend to try a few fillings, not just sticking to one.
My favourite and most naughty of pancake fillings, is using Dairy Milk Caramel pieces. Once the pancake is ready, keeping it in the pan I heat up a few chocolate pieces on the hob (on top on the pancake) to melt. Roll up the pancake and then enjoy the chocolate gooey-ness!
It really is a must try.
If this sounds too indulging, filling pancakes with fruits and honey, or the very traditional lemon and sugar, are equally as delicious.

Pancake Day RecipesLemon Ricotta Pancakes, from Cooking Classy Blog

Pancake Day Recipes

Banana & Honey Pancakes (and more), from BBC Good Food

Pancake Day Recipes

Pancakes with berries and white chocolate, from BBC Food

Gluten Free Alternatives

Being Gluten intolerant for the past 2 years, I am always looking for alternatives to Gluten based recipes.
Obviously with the recipes featured, you can easily make the pancakes gluten free, by using the right flour.
However, if you’re after something completely different, have a look at these recipes I’ve found.
They look absolutely delicious.

Pancake Day RecipesBill Granger’s chickpea pancakes with carrot and cauliflower, from Daily Life

Pancake Day RecipesSweet Potato & Leek Pancakes, from Vogue

All recipes were selected using Pinterest, and can be found on my Pinterest Board ‘Time For Tea’, along with the links on how to make.
I hope you have a great time making pancakes. It’s a great way for all the family to get involved, and good fun.
Best Wishes,