With Christmas well and truly behind us, our New Years Resolutions for 2017 are hopefully in full swing. (Well, maybe?)

The last thing we want to think about is more gifts that may take up space in our home. Making the house seem even more cluttered.

Non-Clutter gifts
Was one of your resolutions to keep on top of clutter, stay organised, to sort out the house?
Don’t worry we are all in the same boat. There’s hardly any time, and we have so much gong on; work wise and personal life.
However with Valentines Day and Mothers Day coming up over the next two months, gifts are something we cannot avoid.
Rather than settling for gifts that you may not necessarily want. How about thinking of gifts for yourself, that have a purpose instead? That create non-clutter.
Within the Laura Felicity Design Collection, there is a wonderful gift range, that aren’t just pretty to look at.

Non-Clutter Gifts

The Lavender Bag range – a ‘pretty’ useful gift.

This gift is perfect for the bedroom. Either in the wardrobe, your drawers, or on the bed.

There’s something really relaxing and calm about walking into a room that smells of lavender. Simply divine.
Lavender Bags are a great way of keeping pesky moths away from your knitwear and cashmere too!
See, like I said ‘pretty’ useful.
Laura Felicity Design’s Lavender Bags are available online here, and over at Not On The High Street.

Handy gifts for your Handbag and Drawers.

A Valentines Day gift that is as beautiful as it is handy are the range of Purses, Make Up Bags and Travel Pouches available at Laura Felicity Design.
Keeping all belongings in one place, keeping tidy and clutter free.
It’s a great routine to have. Keeping our necessary belongings in one place, is great for the mind. Whether you’re of the move, and/or storing at home.

Non-Clutter Gifts

The Purse
An ideal size to keep small essential items in. Your money, credit cards, Oyster Card, pocket mirror, and of course your lippy.
Or if you’re a business woman on the move, store your portable mouse, pens, and business cards. You’ll have everything you need to make sure your business meeting runs smoothly.

The Make Up Bag

The size is ideal to store your make up and/or brushes, plus your essential perfume.
It’s perfect for storing in your drawer, as your go to bag for the morning (or evening) routine.
It’s even a perfect size to travel with for the short city break holidays, you’ll be taking this year and after.

The Travel Pouch

A perfect size bag for any travel occasion.
It’s perfect for storing all your travel documents and passport in, for when you’re going on a lovely long holiday abroad.
Whilst on holiday, keep your sunglasses, book and sun cream in them for your day trips to the beach and pool side.

The travel pouches are also the ideal size for baby nappies and wipes. A perfect present for mums-to-be, or yummy mummies looking for something stylish to store their baby essentials in.

Non-Clutter Gifts

With three stylish designs to choose from; Dotty Bird, Pretty Flower and Geo, in their available retail colours, Each purse, bag and pouch is machine washable, just in case there are any mishaps.

You can find all three of these items over at the online shop, or on Not On The High Street.
I think these are perfect to make sure you have a gift that has a (stylish) purpose, and doesn’t create clutter.
What do you think about Laura Felicity Design’s non-clutter gifts for Valentines Day, and Mothers Day?
It would be great to hear your thoughts.
Best Wishes,