Top Tips on Cushion Styling

Get involved with ultimate comfort with my top tips on Cushion Styling.

Are you a cushion lover or hater?

I LOVE a cushion…or 5, the hubby on the other hand is not a fan with the amount I buy and style around the home. And I’m sure I’m not alone here.

I can’t help it though, and I do think I have a cushion addiction. For me they equal ultimate comfort when sitting on the sofa, or our ‘his and her’ chairs, or even when having a cheeky nap on our bed.

Top Tips on Cushion Styling
Top Tips on Cushion Styling

Introducing cushions into your home life is a great starting point when it comes to re-decorating. Especially if you’re not confident with interiors.

Experimenting with different combinations of cushions are a perfect way to help get an idea of what works together and what doesn’t, at an affordable price (compared to completely redecorating).

Cushion styling also warms you up to the interior style you want to go for, and get used to the change in decor you are looking to make.

Top Tips on Cushion Styling
Cushion Styling


  • Mix up your cushion styling with a variety of; textures, different fabrics, colours, patterns.
  • Don’t be afraid to involve tactile finishing touches; tassels, frills, and pom poms.
  • Layer up your cushion styling by combining different shapes and sizes.

This dreamy way of cushion combining heightens our senses to make your house feel homely and inviting. Because styling with cushions will make your desired room look cosy and create warmth.

Plus, if you’re not necessarily a huge pattern lover, but want to introduce it into your room decor, you can still get a sense of (subtle) pattern through textured fabrics.

Top Tips on Cushion Styling
Top Tips on Cushion Styling

Cushion Styling in my Home

Cushions (and throws) are ideal for quick makeover fixes and seasonal interior styling changes. Introducing anything that is tactile and touchable is key to create ultimate comfort, especially during the Autumn/Winter seasons.

Top Tips on Cushion Styling

When I was deciding on the finishing touches for our bedroom, I was really drawn to involving a lot of texture in this room.

Especially when it came to the throw/s (yes there’s more than one on the bed), and the cushions, (much to the hubby’s disgust, I wanted 5 cushions all made up of lovely touchable textures).

Top Tips on Cushion Styling
Top Tips on Cushion Styling
Top Tips on Cushion Styling

This was to make our bedroom decor inviting and cosy. Basically enticing me to dive straight into bed, and never want to get out of it!

Plus, I wanted to break up the matching wallpaper, roller blind, lampshades and headboard fabric (this pattern is my Dotty Bird design). Therefore making the room not look too ‘matchy’ with one pattern being the focal feature.

And it has worked! I’ve involved my top tips within my throws and cushion styling, and the bedroom cushions have tied in the interior style of our bedroom very nicely. I hope you agree!

Top Tips on Cushion Styling

Tell me, do you love styling with cushions;

  • Are you a 5 cushions (or more) in one area type of cushion lover?
  • Or are you very much minimal when it comes to cushions in your home?
  • (I think you’ve guessed that I’m all for the more cushions the merrier.)

Let me know by commenting below!

Top Tips on Cushion Styling

If you would like some help and advice in decorating and styling your home (with or without cushions), or would like further details about my interior product collection, please get in contact.

I’d love to help you create a home that you and your family love. As home definitely is where the heart is, as I believe it should be.

In the meantime if you’re searching for some styling inspiration, head over to my Pinterest Board ‘Cushion Styling Tips’.

Happy Decorating!

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