Spring 2019 Interior Trends

Spring is FINALLY here!

It’s official today is the first day of Spring. And to celebrate I wanted to share with you my take on some of the Spring 2019 Interior Trends, to get you ready for some Spring/Summer decorating.

It seems there are many interior trends this year, and I have selected three that I think work particularly well with my own products and interior style.

Feminine Pink Tones

Spring 2019 Interior Trends

Pantone made ‘Living Coral’ their Colour of the Year, for 2019. And in general the interiors world is seeing more and more pink within its trends. Pink is becoming one of the new neutrals, which I am loving, because of its warm tone, and wide range of colour choice.

I particularly lovely a blush colour along with dusky pink shades, which I have introduced in our bedroom decorating, (which you can read about here). These in particular are also going from strength to strength.

Sleep Better
Sleep Better

These warm colours are perfect to splash onto your walls as a main feature, or as added accessories in your room of choice to break up any expanse of neutral you may have, or if you want to revamp a tired looking room.

Spring 2019 Interior Trends
Nest Egg Fabric Per Meter, Blush colour option

Top Tips on how to use Feminine Pink Tones for your Spring 2019 Interior Trends;

  • Select your favourite tone of pink, and mute it down with a grey/dusky tone option. Therefore it doesn’t create an overly ‘girly’ feel or look. But it will still create a feminine touch.
  • Pair with a contrasting or dark colour to create visual interest to your room. This could be a complimenting feature wall, or statement accessories. I particularly love navy blue and blush combinations at the moment.
  • If you’re not a fan of having statement walls, or large furniture pieces in pink tones, try adding smaller accessories; in a range of pink tones and patterns.
Spring 2019 Interior Trends
Spring 2019 Interior Trends
Spring 2019 Interior Trends
Dotty Bird Fabric Per Meter, Navy & Blush colour option

Floral Fabrics and Wallpapers

For me Spring Time can only mean one thing; flowers! It’s the season we start to see nature bloom all around us, and I love that each year it influences our interior tastes as well.

We love to bring the outside in all throughout the year, but with Spring in particular it seems to the time we love all things floral. Whether this is buying flowers for our home, or decorating with floral fabric and wallpapers.

Spring 2019 Interior Trends
Geo Fleur Fabric Per Meter, Blush colour option
Spring 2019 Interior Trends
Pretty Flower Fabric Per Meter, Vintage Pink colour option

For those who know my product range, you will know that I’m a lover of all things floral.

The oversized floral prints are particularly on trend, which works well for my brand, because the floral designs I have in my collection are larger scale than most designs out there. Using large and oversized floral patterns work extremely well as wallpaper, for upholstery and for a window blind or curtain.

Wallpaper and Fabric Designer
Pretty Flower Wallpaper, Duck Egg Blue
Geo Fleur Wallpaper, Cream & Plum
How To Decorate A Conservatory
Pretty Flower Wallpaper, Bespoke Colourway

Top Tips on styling with Floral Fabrics and Wallpapers for your Spring 2019 Interior Trends;

  • If floral patterns overwhelm you, stick to a subtle colour palette and create one statement feature with it to get you started. This could be a feature wallpaper, or statement furniture piece. If that’s too much, try involving floral patterns in your cushion collection, art prints, or lighting for subtle floral fabric additions.
  • Mix and match is a great way of involving a range floral patterns so your interior style doesn’t look too ‘matchy-matchy’. I’ve mixed up my ‘Pretty Flower’ wallpaper design (in Duck Egg) with my ‘Geo Fleur’ printed roller blind (in yellow and mint), along with other floral based cushion/fabric prints, such as the Lorna Syson ‘Broom & Bee’ Collection.
  • If you’re not a fan of all floral prints throughout a room, try looking pattern that involves flowers, combined with other nature based, and/or whimsical designs, i.e. like my Dotty Bird and Nest Egg patterns.
Dotty Bird Wallpaper, Summer Green & Teal

70’s Chic Interior Style

This trend combined with the Mustard Yellow and Geometric Pattern trends is perfect for creating bold statements.

70’s chic is all about décor that involves warm colour palettes, textures and and abstract patterns.

Spring 2019 Interior Trends
Spring 2019 Interior Trends
Bespoke Wallpaper Design Project

My Geo pattern is absolutely perfect for the 70’s Chic interior trend, and the recent bespoke wallpaper project I designed and screen printed last year (have a read of part 1, part 2, and part 3 to find out more). It is the perfect accompaniment to white interiors in particular, because it warms up the white, whilst looking chic, contemporary and bold.

I used my Geometric wallpaper in our Kitchen/Dining decorating recently with this colour combination and it honestly brightens up the space, as well as create a warm, uplifting feel.

Geo Wallpaper, Home Office Project

The Geo Wallpaper was also used in the same way in a recent Home Office decorating project, where I’ve given some top tips for recreating over on the blog ‘How To Decorate Your Home Office Scandinavian Style’ here.

I’m especially a lover of all things mustard at the moment.

Bespoke Wallpaper Colours
Bespoke Wallpaper colour samples
Spring 2019 Interior Trends
Geo Fabric Per Meter, Mustard colour option

The colour is perfect to cheer you up on a dull day. And ranges of yellow tones are perfect to uplift your home (and your mood) if you find rooms in your home are dark on those dreary weather days.

Top Tips on getting the 70’s Chic Style for your Spring 2019 Interior Trends;

  • Keep it the 70’s interior style chic by creating a feature wall with a 70’s inspired pattern design. Or have a statement furniture piece with a bold print, keeping the rest of your interior colour palette modern/neutral such as white or light grey, or even a light dusky pink (inspired by the feminine tones section).
  • Overwhelmed by pattern? Then scale your pattern selection down a notch and use geometric style prints on your walls, or as texture/patterns in your your cushions/lighting, and accessories.
  • If geometric pattern isn’t your style, use pops of colour instead, such as mustard yellow in your décor. This can be through statement furniture pieces, or smaller accessories.
Spring 2019 Interior Trends

There are many Spring 2019 Interior Trends, and it would be great to know which are your favourites.

Plus if I can help you further with your decorating or styling ideas based on my Spring 2019 Interior Trends favourites, or would like any samples of my products featured in this blog post, please get in contact.