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Summer Interior Trends

With summer on it’s way, now is a lovely time to think about the key Summer Interior Trends, if you haven’t got round to decorating over the spring time.

I love the Spring/Summer seasons, because of the light, the warmth…and generally everyone feels more energized and brighter. Don’t you agree?!

This can be said for the Interiors World as well. Everything seems bright, colourful, clean and fresh.

To celebrate the summer, I have chosen five of the current Spring/Summer Interior Trends that I have used in my own home during our recent home renovating and decorating projects (which you can read about here), that can be seen as timeless trends as well.

My Summer Interior Trends 2019

Recycled Interiors

Involving recycled interior products in your home is huge as a Summer Interior Trend (and for beyond).  Antique/vintage items are a wonderful way to reuse old interior pieces that need a lease of life; whether this is upcycling an antique piece of furniture that you’ve come across or inherited. Or, displaying a brilliant vintage find amongst a combination of newer star buys on your shelving/display areas.

I’ve started to do this in my own home. This old telephone chair (below) was such a little bargain! I literally spotted it outside a charity shop, where it was in a sorry state. The woodwork complimented the dark brown velvet upholstery so well…this chair looked simply drab (I’m sure I have a photo of the original stare somewhere in my photo archives)!
But for a £20 bargain I knew I needed it.
I didn’t know straight away what I could do with it, but I knew I could give the chair a new lease of life.
Now it’s sitting in my lovely home office in a corner that needed a little brightening up.

Summer Interior Trends

I have the vision of clients visiting here, and taking a seat here whilst we discuss all things interiors.
For this recycled DIY project I used Annie Sloan’s ‘Paris Grey’ Chalk Paint for the wood frame, and I had the seat part re-upholstered in my Pretty Flower interior fabric.
It’s such a small yet effective transformation, and rather than buying something new for this corner, I’ve loved revamping an old piece of furniture instead.

Summer Interior Trends

Recycling doesn’t have to be restricted to antique/vintage interior finds.

You can also use this method with an item that is currently in your home that may need a new lease of life, to make it fit in with your interior style more.

I had this issue with our bed headboard (see below). When we got our current bed, it came with a headboard that honestly was just a little drab. As I started to redecorate our bedroom (which you can read about here), the headboard started to look more and more out of place (and a little dated) for the décor style we were wanting for in this room.

Summer Interior Trends
Summer Interior Trends

Now, I could have shopped to find a new one, and to be fair I did search around. But to be honest with you, I really liked the shape and size of our current headboard. All it needed really was a new fabric to cover it.

So, I took it upon my crafting self to reupholster my headboard with my Dotty Bird interior fabric, (in rose blush and navy) to compliment our interior décor scheme for our bedroom.

This headboard automatically sprang back to life when I had finished. To the point I think people wouldn’t realise it was the same one. I’m really glad that rather than buying a new headboard I decided to invest in some beautiful interior fabric instead.

Summer Interior Trends

Touchable Textures

Textures are another huge Summer interior trend this year, especially within all cosy products available, such as throws and cushions.

I think it’s because we are currently drawn to natural materials and the handmade finish, especially with the woven made style. This is certainly a trend that will carry on into Autumn/Winter 2019.

I’ve used this beautiful texture trend particularly in our bedroom, because my main aim was to create an inviting and cosy style of décor that makes me literally want to crawl into bed after a busy day of work.

Summer Interior Trends
Summer Interior Trends

A top tip for textures is to mix and match with different sizes and styles. In particular I mixed and matched a variety of textures with the cushions and throws I have on the bed, such as the woven style, velvet fabrics, and cushions that involve fringing. I’ve layered these all together to create an eclectic style for our bedroom, which works well, and breaks up my matching Dotty Bird wallpaper, headboard, lampshades and roller blind.

I sourced these products from a range of places to mix up the styles;

Cushions – Maison Du Monde and Homesense

Throw – Dunelm and Homesense

Summer Interior Trends


Mustard colours have been growing from strength to strength, and now the summer is here (well nearly) it’s going to get even stronger as an interior trend.

I personally am loving yellow as a colour, mainly because I find it a very uplifting and happy hue to have in your home.

Yellow is a warm and ambient colour that can create a warm and welcoming environment within your home for you and anyone who comes to visit.

Summer Interior Trends

I have decorated parts of our kitchen in mustard. We have a feature wall and roller blind with my Geo design, which involves mustard within the pattern design. To bring this area together I have bought small interior finds to display on our shelf area to compliment the mustard colour in these products.

Summer Interior Trends
Summer Interior Trends

Mustard in particular is a strong tone that is perfect for all seasonal trends, due to its dusky hue. Taking away the bright yellow glare that some yellows can have.

Summer Interior Trends

Then in our living room there are hints of yellow within the soft furnishings I have bought; such as a throw and faux flowers. Then to tie this all is my Geo Fleur roller blind has hints of yellow within the pattern.

Top Tip for this Summer Interiors Trend: Use pops of yellow around your home in areas you spend a lot of time in, such as your kitchen area and living room, because this colour acts wonderfully as a mood up-lifter. It definitely makes the mornings easier to cope with too.

Summer Interior Trends
Summer Interior Trends

Mix & Match Patterns

Mix and matching patterns has been an ongoing trend for some time now, and I’m so happy it’s here to stay for the summer interior trends.

Involving a mixture or patterns are such a great way to involve different styles of designs together.  Whilst being a quick and easy way to freshen up of a seasonal trend. It’s great to involve geometric prints, with floral patterns, as well as block colours and textures with the mix and match trend.

However you do need to be careful to get your mix and matching right, and keep it balanced.

Summer Interior Trends
Summer Interior Trends

Top Tip: Keep the same tones of colour throughout will help with this.

When I decorated our living room I knew I wanted to be surrounded by pattern, but subtly, due to my own style. I have combined a number of different pattern cushions, mixing geometric with floral/botanical on our main sofa area, as well as our ‘his and her’ chairs. Plus I have kept a running them of mix and match by having my Pretty Flower wallpaper as the main feature wall, combined my Geo Fleur roller blind.

All are of duck egg blue, mint blue, and grey tones to keep balanced and soft, so nothing stands out/looks out of place. Therefore I have been able to experiment with my patterns a little more, as well as involve different fabric prints and textures.

Summer Interior Trends

Open Shelving

Since the Shelfie came into our lives, open shelving has become more and more on trend.

Open shelving is now being used as a new aged feature wall. It’s particularly popular for people (like myself) who have smaller homes. Reason being it keeps the featured wall to remain open and bright, whilst having interesting interior finds on display.

Home Office Styling

A top tip to creating an effective open shelf is to keep to minimal clutter with your chosen ‘nick nacks’. Limit what you display on there, which is easier said than done.

You can read more about how to create the perfect Shelfie on my Wayfair blog feature, here.

I really do love open shelving, and with this being one of the summer interior trends. However it’s important to update your display to suit the season.

Top Tip: Make sure you stay on top of the seasonal décor. i.e. replace Autumn/Winter displays and plants, to refreshing and bright interior finds suiting Spring/Summer seasons.

Summer Interior Trends
Summer Interior Trends

I have a few open shelf areas in our home; in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and my home office. These open shelving areas create beautiful feature focal points in areas of each room that I feel needed to be made an accent.

For the shelving I have sourced from a range of brands;

Living Room Shelving – Ikea

Kitchen Shelving – Wayfair

Bedroom Shelving – Home Sense

Bathroom Shelving – Ikea

Home Office Shelving – Ikea

Creating The Perfect Shelfie

In summary I think these summer interior trends in particular are here to stay for a while (into Autumn/Winter 2019 at least). They are timeless trends that can be freshened up and suited to each season as the year changes.

Bathroom Style

If you are looking to redecorate or freshen up the styling in your home, then hopefully this blog post has helped inspire you.

If you would like to know any further information about my Laura Felicity product range that I have involved in my own home decorating, then please get in contact.

Also, if you need help with the interior styling side; sourcing and selecting interior products to help create your summer interior trend ideas, let’s talk, because I always would love to help you create your beautiful, ideal home.