January is a great time of the year to read up on the key colour trends for 2020, because I honestly can’t wait for Spring to start to show it’s face.

…Just so we can have a be a bit of colour back in our lives.
Each year I’m always fascinated to what will be released and crowned THE colour to have in your home. As well as the inspiration behind it.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing some reading (geeking) up on the new colours for this year. There are a lot of companies now that will release their own version of Key Colour Trends for 2020.

In this blog post I have selected my Top 3 key colour trends for 2020, which I want to share with you. Along with ideas to how you can involve these when decorating your home.

My Key Colour Trends for 2020

Pantone – Classic Blue

Key Colour Trends for 2020
Sourced from via Pinterest

I’m loving Pantone’s Classic Blue.

‘Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.’

Navy as a deeper and stronger colour is used to clear our thoughts. Which is perfect for when calming down after a long day.

Key Colour Trends for 2020
Sourced from via Pinterest

Don’t be put off by using this dark colour in your home. Because there are many ways you can add this without it creating a dark interior space.

Dark blue in particular can be paired really beautifully with pastel tones (a bit like my own bedroom decor). And Pantone’s Classic Blue is no exception.

Especially if you’re like me and not so garish for going bold when decorating with a dark colour palette.

Key Colour Trends for 2020

Here are three ways you can involve a dark colour, similar to Pantone’s Classic Blue in your home successfully;

  • Involve statement pieces of dark coloured furniture
  • (Or) Use smaller accessories rather than statement furniture
  • Start with a dark base, and warm up with pastels

My ‘John Lewis Interior Pastel Punch Trend‘ Blog Post shares in detail how to achieve these three decorating top tips in your home. You can read it here.

Dulux – Tranquil Dawn

Key Colour Trends for 2020
Image sourced from Pinterest

Dulux’s colour Tranquil Dawn is exactly what it says in the title; tranquil to look at.

‘Dulux colour experts have chosen Tranquil Dawn, a colour inspired by the morning sky, to help give homes the human touch. This versatile shade of green can be used to create spaces for care or for play, to find meaning or for creativity.’

A lovely neutral for your home, even though on the (slight) grey spectrum. I think this colour can be paired in many ways to create the style (and feel), you are aiming for when it comes to decorating your home this year.

Key Colour Trends for 2020
Sourced from via Pinterest

From all round Neutrals (Meaning), to pretty Pastels (Care), Light & Bright (Play), as well as Dark Hues (Creativity).

Dulux’s Tranquil Dawn can be used within each of these colour groups, acting as one of your main base colours. Styling with accessories and statement furniture pieces from your other accent colour options.

Here are some lovely colour palette examples Dulux have release to inspire us on how to use Tranquil Dawn in our homes.

Key Colour Trends for 2020
CARE inspired by the horizon colour of a hazy spring morning
Key Colour Trends for 2020
CREATIVITY depicting the colours of a warm autumnal morning horizon
Key Colour Trends for 2020
PLAY inspired by the colours of a hot summer morning horizon
Key Colour Trends for 2020
MEANING inspired by a cold winter morning horizon

Graham & Brown – Adeline

Key Colour Trends for 2020
Image sourced from via Pinterest

Graham & Brown’s Adeline is simply stunning.

‘Adeline is a deep rich bottle green hue whose natural qualities work perfectly with most other colours. This statement paint colour picks out the leaves of the Bloomsbury (wallpaper) design whilst perfectly partnering with the neo mint background.’

This shade of green has got me swooning, and making me think about green in a different light when it comes to decorating. Especially when put together with Blush Pink.

Key Colour Trends for 2020
Image sourced from Love Your via Pinterest

This is definitely another dark hue we need to add to our list for trying to involve within our homes.

Green is the colour of Balance. It’s known for its harmonising, restful and restorative qualities. Therefore it’s no wonder it’s one of the key colour trends for 2020.

I think it’s possible to involve dark colours in your home decor without feeling daunted we are going to make our homes look too dark.

The amazing Kate Watson-Smyth from Mad About The House, is an inspiration of mine when it comes to looking for ideas on how to involve dark hues at home.

In keeping with Graham & Brown’s dark green trend, Kate has a dark green bathroom, which looks simply stunning. Kate is definitely worth taking a look at and have a read of her blog for her style advice and tips.

Key Colour Trends for 2020
Sourced from Mad About the House on Instagram

Have you seen these three key colour trends for 2020?

What do you think of them; Could you use any of these colours in any way in your own home decor?

If you would like any further inspiration for decorating with colour, head over to my Colour Trends Board on Pinterest. Here you can find inspiration on how to involve these colours (and more) in your own home decorating plans for 2020.

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