Autumn/Winter Interior Styling Tips

With the autumn season in full swing, I want to share my Autumn/Winter Interior Styling Tips. 

Now is a good time to start switching a few things around in our homes. This is to get your home cosy and welcoming for when the cold and dark outside finally starts to come our way.

Whilst we still have a few weeks before the clocks ‘fall back’, we can use this time to make sure our homes are ready the autumnal season.

Autumn/Winter Interior Styling Tips

Autumn time is probably my most favourite. I am an October baby, and have always loved this season. The colours, the crisp, fresh weather (even though I have Raynaud’s disease, meaning the cold weather really isn’t my friend).

And the fact we can come into the warmth, cuddle up on the sofa with our wool jumpers, blanket throws (and the dog), candles lit, enjoy a warm cuppa (or glass of wine) and feel relaxed. This is my idea of pure bliss!

Autumn/Winter Interior Styling Tips
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Now that I’ve set the scene, here are my Autumn/Winter Interior Styling Tips to help you get ready for this lovely season;

1) Re purpose your already existing Home Accessories

Getting our home ready with my Autumn/Winter interior styling tips, doesn’t mean going out on a huge spending spree for new and wonderful purchases. Instead take on the task to repurpose products around your home, and moved them to somewhere new.

This is something I’ve already started doing. Since we came back from our Honeymoon, there is no spending money in the pot.

Autumn/Winter Interior Styling Tips
Autumn/Winter Interior Styling Tips

It can be a wonderful and cost effective way to make a room look like it’s been given a new look. You will be amazed that just by moving products to a brand new area, how this lifts and revives a room.

So, why do this? I’m not one to be a ‘buy for one season, then get rid’ kind of gal, with my interior style (or my clothes). We live in a throwaway society, and it needs to change.

By not going shopping, and changing your displays around instead, makes it appear to your eye that change has happened, and that these products are new. Which they are…for the space they are in. It freshens up the style of a room, and makes it look like you’ve had a brand new interiors makeover.

Top Tip: Try and do this every season, to make your home suits the time of year as well. It’s honestly such a cost effective way of ‘redecorating’ your home.

2) Do as the Scandinavians do, rotate your seasonal accessories.

I’ve recently discovered that the Scandinavians rotate their interior accessories to suit the time of year. I love this idea, because it’s a cost effective way of changing up a room every season. And when it’s not in season, you simply store it away for the following year. It’s a great way to save money, and feel as if your home has been freshly decorated.

The Scandinavians even change around their curtains, which if you can afford to, why not!

But if changing curtains each season isn’t for you, change your throws, blankets, bed covers and cushions instead. Have a look at my John Lewis and H&M Home picks below.

If you surround yourself with pattern in the spring/summer, try bringing in textures for autumn/winter. Which I’ll touch more upon later. Or go for patterns with a darker colour palette if you are a true lover of all things pattern.

John Lewis Croft Collection Landscape Cushion, Dusk, £40.00

Top Tip: An even more cost effective way and useful for storage where cushions are concerned, it to buy just the cushion covers, and re-use your cushion inner pads.

If you display flowers (artificial or real), think about switching to a flower or plant that is suited the autumnal season. This can even be an arrangement of foliage including eucalyptus, and dried flowers, which also bring beautiful scents into your home.

As well as pattern changes within your soft furnishings, and replacing flower/plant arrangements, changing the scents around your home is a wonderful way to make your home feel like it’s had a revamp.

You can buy beautiful seasonal scents and candles. Or even create your own with 100% natural oils.

Autumn/Winter Interior Styling Tips
Image Sourced from iStock

This is a great way to make sure your home is free of toxins, whilst smelling beautiful and homely.

I’m channeling cinnamon and orange (or is that a mulled wine smell?) this year, as well as this candle called ‘Mrs Claus’ Bakery’ from Willow & Finn which actually smells like you could eat this candle!

3) Simple seasonal colour change

From spring lights to autumn darks, introduce different colour palettes that still compliment your main colour scheme.

For example my living room is mainly duck egg blue, broken up with a navy sofa. During the spring & summer yellow and duck egg is the main combination with the colour scheme for throws and cushions, to reflect the light and airy summer feel.

In Winter I’m more drawn to dark/dusky pinks, plum purple, and a touches of grey and grey/blue.

Our bedroom is navy and blush pink. With white, light grey and pastel/dusky pink cushions and throws.

Autumn/Winter Interior Styling Tips

I’m introducing burnt orange and dark beige/tan colours into this room for winter, replacing the light and bright.

These small changes for both rooms will make our home feel even more warm and cosy. Because of the where these colours sit on the colour spectrum.

4) Add texture and tactile interiors, sustainable handmade items

As I mentioned earlier, swapping your pattern interiors for textures within your soft furnishings is a wonderful way to create an autumnal style. For some reason involving tactile interiors instantly creates a cosy and warming environment.

To our eyes it looks cosy, to touch it feels warm, and this dreamy combination heightens out senses to make your house feel homely.

Cushions and throws are ideal for these quick makeover fixes; involve tassels, frills, velvet, linens, anything that is tactile and touchable is key.

Purchasing a bedspread with a crushed linen effect is another addition to the touchable texture style. Like these gorgeous John Lewis ranges…

John Lewis & Partners 100% Linen Bedding, Blush Pink, from £12.00

Sustainable and handmade interiors are a big trend this year, which will be continuing into 2020.

Making them perfect attributes to my Autumn/Winter Interior Styling Tips.

Woven rattan baskets are one way to involve the handmade/sustainable interior style into your home. These baskets look great in corner locations and are perfect for storage of any throws and cushions you don’t want to have out all the time.

Wayfair have a great collection of rattan baskets, perfect for this interior styling tip.

I have a couple of rattan baskets in our living room, and I store beautiful blankets in them, and get out when I’m feeling cold and want some extra comfort.

I’ve always been a lover of handmade / hand thrown ceramics, and it’s exciting to see this trend come within the sustainable and handmade trend.

A beautiful way to combine handmade ceramics is through candles.

Whether you purchase a candle set within, or have a display bowl with a tea light inside. Then when the candle isn’t in use, you have a lovely styled item involved within your décor.

5) Lighting

For me, lighting is key when it comes to changing the style of our home, especially during the dark and cold autumn/winters.

Ceiling lights can give quite a harsh appearance and stark atmosphere to a room, when it’s dark outside.

Opting for dimmer switches in the main rooms you relax in are a great way create a relaxing atmosphere instead, (and cost effective).

Wall lights can be an alternative option to use during these autumn/winter months other than to ceiling lights.

Whether you have them already, or are thinking of having them installed, they can create a more atmospheric effect and can alleviate glare.

If you don’t have wall lights (like myself) side lighting will become your best friend during these months.

I tend not to use my ceiling light at all, and instead have floor lighting table lamps in areas of our living room and bedroom.

Styling these with candles to enhance areas for each room, and make the room have a warm and cosy ambience about it, because of the low lit light.

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