Laura Felicity's 2020 Year Goals

Do you make New Year Goals for either your personal, or work life? I’ve started to work on Laura Felicity’s 2020 Year Goals.

For 2019 I didn’t make any. In fact there was a lot going on already in the diary that I was mainly trying to focus on these opportunities, rather than think of new ones.

Was this this right thing to do? I really don’t know. But all in all 2019 has been a great one (and interesting to say the least), and you can read about it here.

Laura Felicity's 2020 Year Goals

For Laura Felicity’s 2020 Plans I thought it would be wonderful to share with you a letter I have written ‘from the future’ to my present self that reflects on what I have achieved at the end of 2020.

I learnt this technique at one of my Networking Groups. It feels weird at the time writing and imagining what you have said you have achieved from the goals you set yourself at the beginning.

But reading it back at the end of the following year is a great way to see if what you have achieved really did work out.

Plus it gives you a forward thinking focus, when imagining what you would like to have achieved.

Honestly it’s worth giving it a go!

Laura Felicity's 2020 Year Goals

Here’s Laura Felicity’s 2020 Year Goals letter;

Dear Laura,

2019 was an interesting year to say the least, where you hadn’t thought about setting many goals for your business or yourself, because there was a lot in your calendar already.

This made 2019 a fairly tricky one for you to balance in terms of health (mental and physical), and your career, but with amazing outcomes in certain areas.

Going forward into 2020 you decided to set yourself some goals again.

Mainly because the calendar was looking pretty empty when looking ahead, but also because you’ve realised that for the self-care and growth of yourself and your business it’s very much needed to keep a good balance where possible.

And guess what, it’s the best thing you could have done for yourself! It has been a great way to keep your focus, especially when you are a Visiting Artist at Queenswood School, have the Laura Felicity Brand, and with your Decorbuddi projects. As well as be mindful of what is needed for your own personal health, when you’re working alongside your Chronic Fatigue illness.

Laura Felicity's 2020 Year Goals

One thing you really wanted to focus on was the balancing of your health (both mental and physical), along with your work and personal life, because 2019 was a tricky one for you.

Having a big Chronic Fatigue relapse saw you take over 6 months to recover from this, as well as battle with your anxiety and depression.

2020 has been about putting yourself first a little more, and making decisions based on what’s right for your health. And that’s where your plan and goal setting came in handy.

You’ve continued to focus on your weekly exercise, which is great for both your mind and body. Running and Yoga are your havens to replenish and re-balance your mindset in particular, and the best thing is you’re feeling the best you ever have done!

Trips away with Dominic for mini break weekends, and a holiday over the Summer have done wonders for your creative spark, and gave you a chance to relax at times when you’ve needed it.

Work has been about continuing on with refining the Laura Felicity Brand. You’ve focused a lot on promoting and marketing;

  • Videos for your You Tube Channel – which you’ve been releasing once a month.
  • Pinterest – to focus on your project and product portfolio, as well as promoting your blog releases.
  • Facebook and Instagram  – for connecting and networking online.
  • You’ve taken part at more speaking events, such as John Lewis sharing your expert advice on styling and decorating. As well as been apart of demos and workshops for DIY and how to sessions, both in craft and home décor.
  • You’ve also collaborated more with Wayfair UK as a Home Expert and Guest Blog Contributor, which has led to the Laura Felicity profile being heightened. And you are continuing to work with them into 2021.
Laura Felicity's 2020 Year Goals

With this steady and consistent marketing and promoting, you’ve been able to have some great Interior Projects this year.

This includes interior styling through Décorbuddi, where you’ve worked with a range of clients who have given you a variety of decorating and styling.

And it’s the same with sales for your wallpaper, window blinds and interior fabrics. In particular your ability to provide bespoke designs, as well as colour matching services for the majority of your products has been an essential addition to your range. Because this has proven to be your wonderful USP.

Your new studio space has seen two more successful Open Studios; one in Spring and your second Christmas event as well.

Then throughout the year hosting and providing craft and interior workshops, all of which have raised your business profile in and around the local community in North London.

It’s a place you have really settled into, and has been a brilliant investment towards your business profile.

It has enabled you to network locally with other local businesses that are leading to great connections, to help promote and strive being a small independent business supporter.

All in all 2020 has been about focusing on growth from the foundations you started in 2019. Whilst feeling strong and confident to where the direction of the Laura Felicity Brand is going.

Now time to plan for next year! Bring it on!!

Remember; keep focused, stay strong, and be kind to yourself.

Lots of Love,

Laura xxx

Laura Felicity's 2020 Year Goals