John Lewis Pastel Punch Interior Trend

This month it’s all about the John Lewis Pastel Punch Interior Trend 2019.

Carrying on from my Autumn Interior Styling Tips from the beginning of this month, and likewise working with John Lewis & Partners for their Home Expert Styling Talk in September, and again in October, I want to share with you their Pastel Punch Interior Trend for 2019. With which I have completely fallen in love with.

I’m sure they were channelling a little bit of Laura Felicity Style as they were putting in together.

The John Lewis Pastel Punch Autumn/Winter Trend is all about combining pastels with punches of dark colours to create a timeless style in your home all year round.

Pastel and light colours are predominantly known to be a Spring/Summer Trend, which may not work so well in your home when the darker seasons kick in.

However with this gorgeous trend, your pastel colour scheme is here to stay! Which honestly makes my day.

“One of the dominant colour trends of the year is Pastels. From frosted blues to dusky pinks, pastels are in, and can add a sense of calm and simplicity to any room. Pastel colours can help give a room a soft, fresh feel and create a calming interior. A great way to introduce pastel colours is in soft furnishings, such as cushions and throws to keep a harmonious ambience. Team with different wood tones to introduce texture and interest.” -Home Design Stylist for John Lewis, Oxford Street, Kate Cronin

The emergence of the trend for a warmer and more natural aesthetic, is the influence for John Lewis’s Pastel Punch Trend. In particular the trend draws inspiration from the tones and an iridescent look, from soft blush pink to terracotta and dusky grey.

I am a lover of light and bright, as well as dusky colour schemes, as you may tell from my Laura Felicity Collection.

But I am also a converted lover of dark interiors as well. And this came about only last year when we were renovating and decorating our home.

I love the John Lewis Pastel Punch trend. I think it’s a great way to get a great balance of colour style in your home. Pastel Punch gives a perfect timeless approach in terms of seasons, and makes each room feel more modern.

Plus it create a not ‘too girly’ / feminine style in your home, especially when we decorate with the whole of our family in mind. Yet keeps your home inviting, warm and fresh for all to enjoy.

When it came to decorating my own home earlier this year I knew I wanted to showcase the Laura Felicity product collection and design range.

However I wanted to really show off my interior style as well, which isn’t necessarily as feminine as people may think.

I had to take into consideration who else is living in this space (i.e. the hubby), who wouldn’t necessarily want everything to be feminine and floral. Luckily for me my husband agreed to my vision, and really let me experiment and have fun with each space.

John Lewis Pastel Punch Interior Trend

In each room I wanted to create a different vibe, depending on what it is used for, as well as have a running theme throughout. This was achieved through the use of colour, for me.

Colour psychology is a huge interest of mine, and big part of my life when it comes to living in my home with regards to well-being.

Focusing on our living room and bedroom in particular for the Pastel Punch Trend I really wanted these two spaces to represent being timeless and relaxing atmospheres. To create this I really focused on the colour palette that would achieve this.

John Lewis Pastel Punch Interior Trend

Combining the right hue of pastels against the right tone of darker/deeper colours can create a beautiful balance in your home.

For the living room it is all about duck egg blue as a base colour, which in the light blue family is harmonizing and calms the mind.

I have added accents of grey, and navy, and pops of yellow (for Spring/Summer) and pink (for Autumn/Winter) depending on the seasons. In addition to compliment the time of year and how the room is to feel.

John Lewis Pastel Punch Interior Trend

The bedroom is all about navy blue as an accent colour, with a blush/light pink base colour.

Navy as a deeper and stronger colour is used to clear our thoughts, which is perfect for when calming down after a long day.

Light pink also has a soothing affect on us, because it creates tranquility, it’s nurturing and can be physically soothing.

I’ve involved pops of metallic gold for a luxury and warmth, creating a timeless trend throughout the seasons.

Here are three ways I styled my home with the Pastel Punch trend, that are similarly easy to replicate and be successful for your own interior styling and decorating.

John Lewis Pastel Punch Interior Trend

How to work the John Lewis Pastel Punch Interior Trend in your own home;

John Lewis Pastel Punch Interior Trend
Laura Felicity & John Lewis & Partners Photoshoot, Oct 2019

Involve statement pieces of furniture

Purchasing a statement piece of furniture that has a darker/deeper colour palette can always be a timeless approach, (but can also hide a multitude of sins).

In our living room we went for a dark blue/navy sofa, and two charcoal colour ‘his and her’ chairs, which sit perfectly against our pastel colour walls. The dark colours against the pastel/light make both the walls and furniture stand out, yet compliment each other.

You can also effectively create the same with other statement pieces, such as side tables, mantle pieces, coffee tables, footstools…the list goes on.

John Lewis Pastel Punch Interior Trend
John Lewis Pastel Punch Interior Trend

Use smaller accessories rather than statement furniture

If you aren’t confident with going dark with your statement furniture, in addition try involving smaller products to get used to having darker accessories involved with your pastel/lighter colour palette.

Meanwhile to keep it timeless, think about using accessories that are in your home everyday; cushions, throws, bedspread, coasters, vases/flower pots.

John Lewis Pastel Punch Interior Trend
John Lewis Pastel Punch Interior Trend
John Lewis Pastel Punch Interior Trend

Think about using solid block colour, as well as a mixture of colours that have your pastel punch colour palette within it’s scheme.

Mixing round smaller accessories, rather than larger statement pieces, is also a great way to change your home around with the seasons.

Dark base and warm up with pastels

We did this for our bedroom, and it creates such an inviting atmosphere. I wasn’t too sure about whether the paint our main feature wall a dark, deep blue. But it is the best decision I could have made for this room.

John Lewis Pastel Punch Interior Trend
John Lewis Pastel Punch Interior Trend

Subsequently switch it up, and focus on a dark feature wall, and warm/lighten up with pastel hues for statement furniture and/or small accessories.

My personal interior taste isn’t too dark and moody and I didn’t want our bedroom to feel like this either. Therefore if you’re the same as me, I would recommend selecting your dark colour palette, and style it with light, pastel hues for other main statement areas in the room.

Then to tie the two tones together involve both in your smaller interior accessories, along with one other complimenting colour (i.e. like my metallic gold) to bring make sure the two colours create a real Pastel Punch.

John Lewis Pastel Punch Interior Trend

Shop the Pastel Punch Interior Trend Products featured

Laura Felicity Products used in this photoshoot;

John Lewis & Partners Products used in this photoshoot;

If you would like any help with creating this John Lewis Pastel Punch Interior Trend within your home, do get in contact. Because my Interior Styling Service is here to help you create a home you love.

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