How To Make Your Own Paper Bunting

How To Make Your Own Paper Bunting – Christmas DIY Special

‘Tis the season to get Crafting, fa la la la la, la la la la laaaaaa!

I love this time of year, not necessarily because of the Christmas Countdown, but because it’s a chance for me to get all DIY and Crafty, (especially as our home and garden projects are put on hold until the new year).

The best thing about this time of year when preparing for Christmas is we don’t have to spend a fortune on new decorations and decor/interior style ideas.

Instead we can make these; which is not only great for spending a few pennies here and there, but also great activities to involve your kids. This makes the Festive Countdown more exciting.

How To Make Your Own Paper Bunting

I have 3 wonderful (and easy) DIY Christmas Decorations that are perfect for your Festive decorating, but also interchangeable as the seasons change.

And the best thing is I have a two-part mini blog series to help you with DIY Christmas Decorations, for you to start your Festive Countdown.

How To Make Your Own Paper Bunting

Part 1 of the mini blog series is How To Make Your Own Paper Bunting;

What is not to love about paper bunting? It’s simple and fun to do, whilst being a perfectly timeless décor idea, as well as Christmas Wrapping ideas.

To make your own DIY paper bunting you will need;

Tracing Paper

Thin card for templates

Templates – download your FREE Paper Punting templates here!

Variety of paper; patterned, plain/coloured, wallpaper samples

Twine (or string, wool, ribbon)

Craft Glue – Aleene’s Glue is the one I have used

Paper/Craft Scissors

Fabric Scissors

For the personalised touch;

Alphabet Wooden Stamps – I use Hobbycraft’s own brand

Ink Pads – this assorted selection from Hobbycraft is great

How To Make Your Own Paper Bunting

Step 1

Draw up a few designs for your Paper Bunting onto the white card. Then them cut out. I’ve put together a few downloadable template designs, which you can download here and use for your own designs.

Simply print these out, trace your chosen design/s and then transfer the tracing onto the card.

Step 2

Use you chosen card templates to draw onto your selected variety of papers. It’s up to you how many varieties of paper you want to use for your paper bunting.

I’ve used my templates to draw up each shape 3-5 times on each of the papers, out of 9 different papers. All of which create a length of approximately 1.5-2 meter bunting, (depending on the size of your templates).

When you’ve drawn up all of your shapes, cut each of them out.

Step 3

Next it’s time to assemble your bunting. Lay out your bunting shapes out in the order you would like your paper bunting. to appear.

Top Tip: Think about the spacing you want to leave between each bunting shape.

As well as the placement of each colour/patterned paper.

Then, measure your twine to the length you desire. However don’t cut the bunting until you have finished gluing your bunting shapes to the twine.

Step 4

When you are happy with your paper bunting’s order, apply a little of your Craft Glue onto each shape (on it’s reverse).

Top Tip: Think about where you place the glue.

For example with a traditional bunting triangle shape, glue along the top. For circle shapes, and the stars etc, place the glue in a line down the middle to make sure you have symmetry each side of your shape.

How To Make Your Own Paper Bunting

Step 5

Start to lay your twine over each piece of your paper bunting shapes, and leave to dry. I use tacky Craft Glue that is also quick drying (if you can get your hands on that option), which means your bunting will be dry in around 15-20 minutes. It’s ideal!

Make sure you leave around a 20cm of excess twine each side of your bunting line.

Once your paper bunting is dry, you can turn over your design, and trim the end, which may still be attached to your twine reel.

Step 6

If you want to personalise your bunting with wording or messages, try stamping with wood block stamps and ink pads on your plain bunting shapes.

Make sure you plan out where these need to be placed on your bunting order, before you glue. Then once your bunting is made, you can get personalising.

How to use your DIY Paper Bunting

Now you have made your paper bunting, there are many ways you can use and style with it, including;

  • Displaying as a wall feature on a painted wall, making sure you use paint friendly temporary adhesives. Or drape around picture frame to picture frame if you don’t want any fixative on your wall.
  • Dress up your mantle piece.
  • Wrap the paper bunting around your Christmas Tree.
  • Or even dazzle your loved ones you give presents to this year, by using the mini bunting as a wrapping idea.

…This can then be reused as a décor feature after presents have been opened.

If you need help with your templates designs, make sure you download my FREE Template PDF, which you can get here.

Make sure you stay tuned for the second part of my two part mini blog series, I’ll be sharing Eco Friendly Cracker and Christmas Glass Dome styling ideas.

In the meantime please do let me know how you get on with making your own paper bunting. Do make sure you tag Laura Felicity in your Instagram photos of the results.

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