How To Make Your Own DIY Christmas Decorations

Welcome to Part 2 of my DIY Christmas Decorations, Crafting mini blog series, where today I want to share with you two new DIY Christmas Craft ideas; Eco Friendly Crackers and Christmas Glass Domes.

If you’ve not already read, Part 1 was all making your own Paper Bunting, using a range of papers, which you will already find around your home. I’m a huge collector of papers that have any beautiful pattern on them, or have a beautiful coloured paper I can’t quite bring myself to throw away.

If you’re like me, then my DIY Paper Bunting How To Blog is for you. Which you can read here.

Now on to my other two DIY Christmas Decorations ideas, which I have chosen to share because of their timeless appeal. The beauty about these decoration ideas, is they don’t have to be just for Christmas.

DIY Eco Christmas Crackers

As you may be aware when you read my blogs, I really am not one to live in this throw away society, if it can be helped, which is why I absolutely loving this new trend of Eco Christmas Crackers.

It’s really glad to hear we are all doing our best to reduce our plastic intake. And creating your own eco friendly Christmas Crackers are a great way to reduce our waste over the Festive Season.

I’ve been dreaming about the fabric ones in particular, where you can use for any dinner party, not just Christmas.

How To Make Your Own DIY Christmas Decorations
Image sourced from Pinterest. View it here.

This reusable idea is perfect for using up your fabric scraps you may have lying around in your Craft Box.

Or if you’ve seen any interior fabric to suit the style of your home décor, then it’s worth purchasing a few samples to make your table decorations fit in beautifully with your kitchen/dining room décor.

As well as using your own choice of beautiful fabrics (Festive or to suit your interior style), you can also fill these Eco Christmas Crackers with persoanlised small gifts; from chocolates to liquors, to even something small from a small independent business, like these great Just A Card pin badges. Just A Card is an organisation raising awareness about shopping and small, which I absolutely love what it represents!

You can come over and get inspired with these Eco Christmas Cracker ideas over on my DIY Christmas Decorations Pinterest Board.

DIY Christmas Glass Domes

Last year I wrote a guest blog for Emily Dawe’s new book ‘Paper Christmas’, where I did my own DIY take on her Christmas Glass Domes, which you can read about here.

How To Make Your Own DIY Christmas Decorations

Decorating with Glass Domes are a great way to keep your home in keeping with the seasonal changes.

For the Festive Countdown I involve a mixture of pine cones and paper trees, created out of my own wallpaper scraps/samples, to create these Glass Dome ornaments, and be in keeping with the Christmas countdown.

Add a little glitter and fake snow, and you’re in for a winner.

The beauty about these Glass Domes is you can display them anywhere around you home.

I tend to have them on display on our mantelpiece in our Living Room.

How To Make Your Own DIY Christmas Decorations

A windowsill, shelf or side table are all equally as perfect, and involve within your interior style turn around.

You can also change each Dome to suit your décor style as well. As mentioned earlier, I involved my wallpaper samples for the paper tree display dome. This is a great way to make sure you stay with colours and patterns that suit your home décor/the room you want to have these domes displayed in.

How To Make Your Own DIY Christmas Decorations

It also means you can keep them up a little longer than the standard Festive Decorations.

I leave mine until the Spring season starts to greet us, where I then involve faux flower displays (again to keep in the style of my home, in terms of colour options).

You can read about this Spring blog here, and also watch my How To YouTube Video to see each stage step-by-step.

If you want to create your own DIY Christmas Glass Domes, you can read the original how to blog here.

How To Make Your Own DIY Christmas Decorations

In the meantime please do let me know how you get on with making your own Eco Friendly Crackers and Christmas Glass Domes. Do make sure you tag Laura Felicity in your Instagram photos of the results.

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