5 Subtle Ways To Transform Your Interiors

At the start of every year (with Christmas seeming long gone) we tend to use our homes for hibernation. Now with the Winter slowly turning into Springtime, I have explored 5 Subtle Ways To Transform Your Interiors to get you Spring ready…before the big Spring Clean and decor turn around happens.

Designing a beautiful home doesn’t always require a grand floor plan or big centrepieces. On the contrary, there are plenty of small details that often go overlooked but have a profound effect on the overall feel of a room.

If you’re interested in seeing how small changes can make a huge difference, you’ve come to the right place.

5 Subtle Ways To Transform Your Interiors


A simple way to add more detail to a room is to add patterns! My post on ‘5 Top Tips to Decorate a Romantic Bedroom’ explained that patterns add depth to a room. But more than that, it’s also a wonderful way to bring in colour, tone, and texture to your interiors.

5 Subtle Ways To Transform Your Interiors

When choosing patterns, identify what kind of look you want your room to have — whether it’s floral for a more feminine vibe, or animal prints for a strong and glamorous feel. While it’s important to trust your gut on how everything looks, it’s good to make a shortlist of three patterns for every room and try to imagine how they will look.

If you’d like to combine two or more patterns in a room, then make sure that colour-wise, they’re all more or less of the same hue and intensity. For example, you can have one large, one medium, and one small floral pattern with a pastel or nude colour palette, which can work well together.

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Heating and Temperature

This is an invisible detail that can profoundly affect your life at home — not to mention your energy bills. Having the proper temperature running through your house can do wonders. After all, what’s the point of having a warm-looking room if you can’t maintain the temperature properly?

UK heating specialists HomeServe point out how efficient home heating will keep you cosy throughout the coldest of winters, and, conversely, can be a pain when not properly maintained or checked by a professional for defects. Pesky leaks, noisy boilers, or burst pipes are just some common issues that can have a major effect on your home, and have a detrimental impact on your interiors, too.

5 Subtle Ways To Transform Your Interiors
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If you’re not one for fireplaces, consider energy-efficient ways to add heat to your room. For instance, Econyl reports that carpets can retain as much as 10% of a room’s heat, and serve as excellent insulators — not to mention, they give off the psychological feeling of warmth. If carpets are too expensive, consider thick curtains or drapes to keep cold air out.

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When it comes to developing your home’s ambiance, lighting is the key. If done correctly, you can change the whole atmosphere of a room with just minor lighting adjustments. There are three types of illumination: general lighting, task lighting (e.g. lamps), and accent lighting. For maximum effect, mix all three types to achieve decorative lighting and a wonderful ambiance.

5 Subtle Ways To Transform Your Interiors
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Remember to place light around key areas to ensure that everything is well lit, but be thoughtful in your placement — in other words, spread the light around as much as possible. Too much light can hurt your eyes. Have controls where you can dim or time the lights, and make sure your light sources are of high quality.

5 Subtle Ways To Transform Your Interiors
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Think back to the last interior design feature you saw. You’ll probably notice that it wasn’t cluttered, and that everything was neat and clean. Fortunately, you don’t require professional interior designers and art directors to follow this tip — you can do it all on your own.

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Keep clutter to a minimum and invest in storage solutions that match your room, and ones that you’ll actually use. Not only does organising your home give it a more polished look, but it will also make your everyday life so much easier.

5 Subtle Ways To Transform Your Interiors
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Focal Point

Love Chic Living defines a focal point as a singular spot where your eye is immediately drawn to when entering a room. This could be anything from a fireplace, a beautiful flower arrangement, or even a large window.

5 Subtle Ways To Transform Your Interiors
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The easiest way to do create a focal point is to highlight an architectural detail already present in the room. Let’s go back to the window example. If you have a big window, consider adding a window seat to underscore its beauty. But if you have nothing present, then make one! Add statement artwork or add lamps to frame a cosy seating area in your room.

5 Subtle Ways To Transform Your Interiors
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These are my 5 Subtle Ways To Transform Your Interiors as we are in between seasons. Which I think are great ways to keep our home feeling refreshed, without having to do any extreme decorating – for now.

Will you take on these 5 easy and subtle interior tips? Or perhaps you do other subtle changes! Leave a comment and let me know.

If you need help with any of your interior decor plans, please get in contact.

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